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Why App Smashing With Tackk is HOT!

Now that you know my 12+ Tools for Creating and Curation Work…, I thought I would dive a little deeper in to one of those tools. In my experience, I have found that Tackk*** is my go-to tool for creating professional development resource pages. As many of you are preparing to go back to school, this seemed like the perfect time to focus on this tool.

Why Choose Tackk over Other Tools when Creating Professional Development Resources?

Fantastic question! So glad you asked… Tackk:

  • Is Easy to Edit and Perpetually Add Content to
  • Is Linear and Easy to Follow
  • Creates a Custom URL for Easy Access
  • Is Easy to Share (not a PDF or a PPT that has to be hosted externally)

And did you know that Tackk offers the ability to embed live maps, photos, text, links, and videos within their platform from a wide variety of sources?

Why Should I App Smash with Tackk?

As I mentioned above, Tackk has a variety of benefits over stand-alone tools. Now I could just wax intellectual about the anatomy of app smashing with Tackk but I thought I would embrace my inner geek… the one that loves similes and lego mini figures.

App Smashing with Tackk

Think about it like this.

“Your content is like a hot dog. It is better when you add toppings and house it in a bun. Tackk is simply the solution to holding all of your content in one bun… I mean place.” – Lisa Johnson

What Kinds of Apps Smash Well with Tackk?

There are two ways that apps and tools can dress up a Tackk by being embedded within it:

  • Direct Embed: Some tools can be embedded live (and are fully functional without having to leave Tackk) like Thinglink. 
  • Thumbnail Embed: Other tools like Shadow Puppet, Haiku Deck, and Snapguide will be linked within Tackk and appear as a small thumbnail (that will take users to an external site).

As we are approaching the end of summer and time is a commodity, I will forgo any further similes and share with you an interactive guide to App Smashing with Tackk (with examples). The guide includes examples of each type of embed and what it looks like.

How Do you Get Tackk Badges for Your Website or Blog?

If you are down with Tackk like I am, then check out their new badge site to grab your logo.

*** Disclaimer. I truly honor and respect my audience. To ensure transparency, I have been nominated as a Tackk Advocate. That being said, I do not receive any money from Tackk and do not blog on Tackk’s behalf or at their request. I use Tackk because I feel it is the best tool for the job and want to share my inspiration for app-smashing and productivity utilizing the tool.

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