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20 Jun 2018
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The Complete Guide to Visual Note-takers, Bullet Journalists, and Inspiring Peeps

The Complete Guide to Bullet Journaling, Visual Notes, and Planners for Educators
It has been a while since I revisited my #ScrapNotes blog series which focuses on analog and visual note-taking, bullet journaling, planners, habit trackers, etc… So, if you need a refresher before this post, I am including links to those posts below:


I am also overjoyed to tell you that I have submitted the final draft for my second book. This book will be published with Dave Burgess and focuses on 6 big ideas that I find to be perennial… as they stand the test of time and extend beyond the four walls of our classroom. These 6 topics are digital organization, time management, note-taking, goal-setting, reflection and journaling, and keeping a learner’s notebook. As I had a moment AND finished binge-watching all 4 seasons of “Hart of Dixie” on Netflix, I wanted to share a teaser. šŸ˜‰


A Sneak Peak at an Awesome List

This week I have been working on assembling some of the ancillary resources for the book AND one of those resources is a list of people to follow on Instagram. We in education are big into connecting with other educators online and sharing ideas. And the bullet journal and visual note-taking world is no different. While the book will not be published for several months, I wanted to share this list with you NOW as I know many of you would love to start connecting with these amazing people online and gleaning ideas for yourselves and your students.


Below is a collection of the ones that I mention throughout the book and several more for good measure. Many of the skills and products I will be sharing throughout the book are highly visual. Thus it only makes sense that these individuals I highlight below would choose the most visual social media platform to share their ideas and insights. While the list encompasses Instagrammers, check out their bios because many of them have YouTube channels, Etsy stores where they offer analog and digital downloads and templates, and websites with blogs where they dig deeper into the ideas and topics from their feed.


Also, I tried to separate these into categories of interest. I will say that there is a lot of crossover in this field (e.g. many that use bullet journals also share illustrated notes and those that share planners also share bullet journals). I tried to add people under the title that best described what they do but know that many wear multiple hats. If these topics are of interest to you and or your students, I highly encourage you to follow these people and connect with them. It should also be noted that I curated a longer list of bullet journalists than any other category. The reason being is that I wanted to showcase bullet journalists from a variety of walks of life and careers as well as geographic locations to highlight the massive reach and appeal that bullet journaling has as well share how each one of these people really makes the phenomenon their own.


Bullet Journalists
  • @NoteChef4u: This is my Instagram. I share my bullet journal, my reader/writerā€™s notebook, what Iā€™m reading, and journals and analog goodies that tickle my fancy.
  • @bulletjournal: This is the Instagram for Ryder Carroll. The creator of the bullet journal method. So obviously a great place to start. And he will have a book out soon.
  • @tinyrayofsunshine: She has an awesome bullet journal account. I love that she shares weekly challenges too… like self care, professional care, environmental care, personal care, etc…
  • @boho.berry: She is one of the top Bullet Journalists on Instagram. She also shares her digital planner templates for GoodNotes app.
  • @plansthatblossom: Amazingly talented Bullet Journalist and lover of lists. She is amazing with weekly spreads and themes.
  • @lalalauren.creates: Awesome British Bullet Journalist. I love her Productivity Bingo!
  • @decadethirty:Ā Awesome Australian Bullet Journalistā€¦Ā also dabbles inĀ hand lettering.
  • @nohnoh.studies: Bullet Journalist with lots of ideas. She also has an interest in data analysis and biostatistics.
  • @productivestyle: PhD journaler and co-host of @PlanWithMeChallenge.
  • @bujo.crafts:Ā Awesome Italian Bullet Journalist.
  • @showmeyourplanner: A great curated place of amazing bullet journalists from all over the world.
  • @rachelmaybujo: Amazingly artistic Bullet Journalist.
  • @bam_journal: Talented artistic Bullet Journalist.
  • @rhiobujo: Another amazingly artistic Bullet Journalist. Fantastic account if you want students to see how to blend art and bullet journaling for weekly spreads.
  • @kyrielle.of.dreams: French teacher that shares her bullet journal, lettering, and art.
  • @happilyeveafter_: Bullet Journalist and Music teacher.
  • @bluenittany: Biomedical Engineer and Bullet Journalist.
Student Bullet Journalers
  • @focusign: Science Student and Bullet Journalist.
  • @tbhstudying: HS student with amazing bullet journal and illustrated notes.
  • @emtudier: Teenager that shares her bullet journal and illustrated notes.
  • @study.meds: Medical school student that shares her bullet journal and illustrated notes.
Digital Bullet Journalers and/or Note-takers (Many are Students)
Illustrated Notes
  • @lindsaybraman: Awesome graphic recorder and grad student that shares her amazing notes!
  • @megan.jeffery: Amazing illustrated notes and a teaching artist.
  • @emily_studies: Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology student that shares her notes from her classes in both analog and digital format.
  • @franziskawschwarz: Incredibly impressiveĀ sketch notesĀ and illustrated notes.
  • @medicaleitora: Amazing illustrated medical notes.
  • @iamneestudy: Nursing student that shares her notes.
  • @jumpnotes: A site that pays students for their visual notes. A great place to see a variety visual notes that span multiple content areas.
Journaling Prompts

Okay, perhaps this is not a “complete” list in the sense of “comprehensive” BUT what I can tell you is that if you follow these people, you will surely discover others. And pay attention to the #’s they use. Following those will definitely allow you to really target the specific rabbit hole you want to topple down.



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