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Call us toll free: 210-710-2434
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Blending sound pedagogical principles with multiple authentic narratives and examples to showcase the transformational power of technology and inspire the Tech Chef in us all.


Blending research-based content with years of practice to create innovative custom sessions that whet your appetite for learning, deepen your knowledge, and never leave you short on resources.


Blending collaborative techniques with visible thinking to provide personalized dynamic hands-on workshops that deepen your understanding and continue to feed your app-etite long after the day ends.


TechChef4u’s purposeful and compelling recipes and resources serve to ignite passion and amplify wonder and whimsy in order to draw open the internet curtain and reveal the Tech Chef in us all!

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Redefine Your Classroom

There is no great and powerful Oz… just great teachers…in need of inspiration and a dollop of unbridled app-thusiasm to redefine their classroom and support a new recipe for personalizing student learning.

Lisa Johnson (TechChef4u CEO)
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