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TechChef4u App

Coming Soon to the iTunes App Store!

TechChef4u App: See the TechChef4u app Snapguide!


Educator Reviews: 

“Wow! What an amazing resource for apps, iKnowledge, and iPad expertise! A must-have app for any district using iDevices.” – Carl Hooker.

“This app should be the first app that every teacher downloads as they begin their iDevice planning.
The TechChef4U app fills a need that every busy educator has – give me ONE place where I can go to find prescreened FREE apps, links to the TechChef4U blog, AppyHour4U podcasts and videos featuring the apps, and a filtering feature that allows you to sort by grade, subject and device ranges. Wow, this app is truly going to save me (and the teachers I work with) countless hours. The links straight to downloading in the App store are especially helpful and will be appreciated by anyone who has ever heard an endorsement for a specific app and then been frustrated trying to locate the correct app in the store. I can’t wait to see the lessons that will be linked in the future, and hope to submit a few of my own for consideration in future updates.” – Susan Reeves
App Description: TechChef4u offers multiple resources to support teachers and parents in their search for FREE quality apps to support their children and students. While the TechChef4u app is an educational app store that provides searchable and categorized lists of 500+ FREE apps for PK-12, the app doesn’t stop there. Check out these other features.

App Features:

  1. Educational App Store: 
    1. Search for apps by Platform, Grade Level, and Category.
    2. Search Featured apps. Featured apps have app-tivities and integration examples in the form of blog entries, YouTube videos, iTunes podcasts, iBooks, or iLesson PDF’s.
    3. Guest iChef Resources: This section is a growing repository of parent and teacher iLessons, apptivity, or example of how a FREE edu app could be utilized in the classroom or at home. These resources can be submitted via email.
  2. Social Networks: Connect and get the latest updates on new and “surprisingly educational” apps on all your favorite social networks (e.g. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ScoopIt!, LinkedIn, Symbaloo, etc…)
  3. Slideshare: Get access to TechChef4u SlideShare presentations.
  4. Companion Blog: Check out the latest iLesson or apptivitiy via the TechChef4u blog.
  5. Pre-K Library: Stay tuned for a full Pre-K app library in the next few months!


Why FREE apps? The TechChef4U app store serves exclusively FREE apps as they are easily accessible to all (including parents and students with personal devices). While some of the apps listed may be lite versions (rather than free stand-alones), they offer the user the app-ortunity to review the app before purchasing the full version. And many times the lite version is sufficient to meet the user’s needs.


Who is TechChef4u is an educational entity that supports and promotes purposeful and engaging product-based integration of iPods and iPads at home and in the iClassroom. We serve up tips and innovative ideas for maximizing learning and instruction across the curriculum. Serving parents and teachers FREE quality apps and resources to support instruction and individualized learning is our number one goal!


Calling all Guest iChef’s. If you would like to have your iLesson or iResource featured in the TechChef4u app, please complete the following. All submissions are subject to review prior to being released in the Featured section of the TechChef4u database.

Found an app-tastic FREE app for Education? Submit it here! All submissions are subject to review prior to being released in the TechChef4u app database.

Contact TechChef4u:


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TechChef4u app by TechChef4u LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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