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24 Jun 2013
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Inquiry Based App-tivities

Those of you who are teachers will know that it is hard to not wear your teacher hat when you have your mommy apron on. As a parent of a now first-grade student, I want to provide learning opportunities, foster creativity and inquiry, and find some way to archive the learning experiences. As a child’s audio and video speaks (pun intended) so much more than an image alone, I find it a perfect medium for archiving student work.

These ideals became the driving force between one of my latest sessions:

Leveraging BrainPop JR to Support Inquiry-Based App-tivities: This session showcases how BrainPop JR videos can be used as springboard for curiosity and exploration. Pop on in (at 2pm on Monday the 24th) to see how to dive in and expand these inquiries using apps and web tools to enrich a preschool or primary student’s instructional realm of knowledge.

It all began with his interest in presidents and planets. BrainPOP JR provides excellent videos to support these interests which fill in the foundational information and knowledge on these topics in an engaging manner.

From there, this Thinglink will showcase how apps can expand and extend these inquiries.

Interactive TechChef Thinglink

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Contact TechChef4u to schedule Summer and Fall PD and Workshops:

“Student-Created Books in the iClassroom” iTunes U course is now available!!!


16 Jun 2013
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Apps to Grow With (App-tivities Across the Curriculum)

Many times we see creation-based apps and one example or artifact of how we can use it in our classroom, and we become stifled from seeing how the app can be used in any other setting or scenario. By the same token, too often we are inundated by a plethora of apps and truly want to select just a handful that teachers and students can become successful with… apps that can also be used and adapted to any grade level or content area. These ideas became the driving force between one of my latest sessions:

Apps to Grow With (App-tivities Across the Curriculum): Discover how to use a handful of apps across the curriculum. This presentation includes a thorough tour of student-created work and app-tivities using 3 apps (e.g. Pic Collage, Strip Designer/Comic Life, and Scrap Pad). As these apps are product-based in nature, they are coined as “apps to grow with” – apps that can be used PreK-12 and beyond and stretched across the curriculum. This session will also touch on workflow, professional development, and student showcases.
As all of these apps produce an image, I thought the best way to deliver this professional development resource was as a…. (shocker)…. Pinterest board. So without further ado, I am unveiling 90+ examples of how collage and comic creation apps can be used across the curriculum. These apps not only showcase a range of core content and electives, they climb the grade level ladder from PreK-12 and beyond.


90+ Collage/Comic App-tivities

90+ Collage/Comic App-tivities


14 May 2013
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Camp Plug and Play – Arizona July 8-12

Camp Plug and Play


Tuscon, Arizona                              July 8-12

Camp Plug & Play 8.0 offers a world-class professional development experience where participants are immersed into one of five topics for the week. Each strand is taught by knowledgeable and patient facilitators who have a strong passion for empowering teachers and students with technology. You will receive practical instruction and lots of hands-on time so that you leave with new knowledge, skills, and confidence to use what you’ve learned in your classroom

official site


Mobilizing Grades K-2 

Calling all iPioneers! Learn how to seamlessly trailblaze the iClassroom frontier with one iPad or multiple mobile devices. Besides exploring a plethora of consumptive and product-based apps and iResources to support and engage student achievement from instruction, to practice, to publishing, participants will get lots of hands-on time to collaborate and explore mobile learning through the eyes of a kindergartner, first grader, or second grader. Participants will leave with a myriad of integration ideas and digital artifacts that can be utilized in multiple classroom settings (e.g. whole group, pass-around, small groups, and stations). Round up your core standards and curriculum, and leave with heaps of great apps, strategies, and ideas for young learners.

Be sure you know your device’s iTunes password for the App Store. A list of the apps that will be used in this session will be sent out a few weeks before camp. If you can’t bring your own iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone, we’ll have an iPad for you to use.

5 Objectives:

  1. Integrate iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into multiple classroom configurations and settings.
  2. Evaluate apps and resources to utilize with your curriculum and standards.
  3. Transform paper and pencil tasks into digital learning artifacts.
  4. Utilize teacher tools for presentation, polling, collaboration, assessment, and file management.
  5. Create and share a bank of digital curricular ideas that can be accessed all year long.


14 May 2013
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ISTE 2013

ISTE 2013

San Antonio, Texas                               June 22-26

official website

With nearly 700 sessions, 150 additional workshops, and informal learning environments everywhere you turn, ISTE 2013 provides a multitude of professional development opportunities for the entire education team.


  • iProductivity: Student Workflow in the iClassroom (workshop): This fast-paced session will feature apps for note-taking and organization, highlight multiple workflow and productivity processes, and showcase a range of student products for the iPad. (Saturday, 6/22/2013, 12:30pm–3:30pm)
  • Leveraging BrainPop JR to Support Inquiry-Based App-tivities (BrainPop booth): This session showcases how BrainPop JR videos can be used as springboard for curiosity and exploration. Pop on in (at 2pm on Monday the 24th) to see how to dive in and expand these inquiries using apps and web tools to enrich a preschool or primary student’s instructional realm of knowledge. (Monday, 6/24/2013, 2:00pm – BrainPop booth)
  • The 360 iClassroom Perspective (poster session): Learn about our iClassroom journey. We’ll share a road map to a successful iPad roll out from professional development and training to testimonials from teachers, students, administrators, and coaches. (Tuesday, 6/25/2013, 10:00am–12:00pm, SACC Tower View Lobby; Table 24)
  • iPad, You Pad, We All Love the iPad (poster session): Showcase of “app”tacular student projects created in Eanes ISD K-8 1:1 iClassrooms. We’ll show you how you can create them in your classroom. (Wednesday, 6/26/2013, 11:00am–1:00pm, SACC Tower View Lobby; Table 17)




14 May 2013
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ipadpalooza 2013

iPad Palooza


Austin, Texas                               June 18-19

official website

iPadpalooza is a two day event held at Westlake High School in Austin, TX.  This learning festival is a celebration of the cultural-shift the iPads have brought about in education and the world.  This event will focus on creativity, social collaboration, engagement and the compelling ways schools have integrated iPads into their classrooms.

iPadpalooza…we’re not a conference, we’re a learning festival!


  • Student-Created Books in the iClassroom (session): Publishing student understanding and content in book form is a novel way (pun-intended) for students to showcase their learning. This hands-on workshop will guide learners through a spectrum of book creation apps from limited customization (e.g. modifying text and images) to full publishing. Through the session, learners will explore these tools, create a sample, and share their artifact with others. (Tuesday, 6/18/2013, 11:45am-12:30pm)
  • App Celebrity Smackdown (panel discussion): Ever get tired of “There’s an App for that”?  Well the folks on this panel never tire of that.  Come watch and learn as these app-tastic celebrities battle out for the ultimate title of King or Queen of the App world.  This no holds barred event will feature apps that will blow your mind. Audience participation is encouraged. (Wednesday, 6/19/ 2013, 8:30am – 10:00am)
  • Speed Date your iPad (hands-on interactive): Come “speed date” your iPad with seasoned iPad educators! Every 10 minutes, you will rotate through one of seven different stations and learn about new apps used to accomplish a lesson, project, or goal. Come away with lots of lesson ideas, tons of apps, and infinite possibilities across all grade levels and disciplines. (Wednesday, 6/19/ 2013, 1:15pm – 2:45pm)

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