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10 Apr 2013
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1 iPad Classroom Revisited

Last year I wrote a blog post about the 1 iPad Classroom¬†that featured an “appy hours 4 u” interview with one of my favorite solo iPad educators, Lisa Carnazzo. That summer Yolanda and I presented a packed session at TCEA’s TOTS and Technology on the very same topic. Not even a year later and much of the content from the presentation needed to be revisited and revamped.


Yes, I am currently living the iDream of a 1:1, but that wasn’t always the case. I came from meager 1 iPad and shared carts models prior to that event. ūüėČ


This session (which will be presented at iPad Summit and Region 20 Tech Fiesta)  focuses on how elementary teachers can use a single iPad productively:
  • in multiple settings and configurations such as whole group, pass around, small groups, and stations
  • using both consumptive and product-based apps
  • showcasing actual student work and app-tivities across the curriculum

While the intent is to support teachers with a single iPad and highlight ways to boost student engagement, learning, and productivity, the suggestions and apps shared would be useful to teachers with multiple iPads as well.

So without further ado… I present the “1 iPad Classroom” revisited.
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San Antonio Area: If you are in the San Antonio area, I will be presenting at Tech Fiesta April 18th and 19th. Check out the program!

Atlanta Area: If you are in the Atlanta area, I will be (am) presenting at iPad Summit April 11th and 12th.

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‚ÄúStudent-Created Books in the iClassroom‚ÄĚ iTunes U course is now available!!!


18 Mar 2013
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App Smackdown: Teacher Tool Style

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to share apps and productivity tools for teachers on a panel with 3 others at the Tech Forum Atlanta event. It is always app-tastic fun and I even discovered a few gems that I am super enthused to add to my teacher bag of tricks.

Don’t be too bummed if you missed it. Fortunately for you, Tech Forum livestreamed the event and the archived version is available for all.


Watch live streaming video from techlearning at
I created a of the apps and tools that I shared and have added the link to the original panel Google Doc (where the others on the panel added their faves). I also used the Bounce app to provide notes for each of the tools I shared.

[listly id=”3Qh” theme=”light” layout=”full” numbered=”yes” image=”yes” items=”all”]

Which ones would you add? (leave your selections in the comments)


San Antonio Area: If you are in the San Antonio area, I will be presenting at Tech Fiesta April 18th and 19th. Check out the program!

Atlanta Area: If you are in the Atlanta area, I will be presenting at iPad Summit April 11th and 12th.

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‚ÄúStudent-Created Books in the iClassroom‚ÄĚ iTunes U course is now available!!!


04 Feb 2013
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iVocabulary: TCEA 2013

Reunited…for a workshop at TCEA, Yolanda Barker and I will be presenting “iVocabulary” at TCEA 2013.

iVocabulary Workshop Description:¬† Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking are integral to developing language. This session will utilize the four skills to focus on multiple ways to develop vocabulary utilizing mobile devices in the iClassroom. The tour of resources will include specific content-based glossary apps and apps that allow you to create your own flashcards and personal glossaries (e.g. Quizlet) and apptivities that extend the vocabulary (e.g. creating a Frayer model in Popplet Lite or a vocabulary sorting activity in iCardSort). Vocabulary development will increase with use of video creation utilizing apps like Mad Lips and Puppet Pals. Writing and Reading will be supported with annotation apps (e.g. Notability, PaperPort Notes) and book creation apps (e.g. Scribble Press, Albums FX Lite). The session will culminate with “surprisingly educational” apps that support the four skills (e.g. StoryLines for Schools and TypeDrawing for Free).

Thinglink Framework: Yolanda’s graphically inclined hubby created a Scrabble board to house all of the links for the course. 8 lists of apps, a Prezi of samples, and much more is hidden in the image below.

A Prezi of iVocab products was created to showcase products and samples for each of the 8 app categories.

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Stay tuned for the release of my first iTunes U professional development course ‚ÄúStudent-Created Books in the iClassroom‚ÄĚ. In the meantime, visit my Listly list entitled¬†Student-Created iBooks & eBooks.


09 Nov 2012
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Student Workflow in the iClassroom:¬†Recently I presented at the Oregon Academic Technology Society held at the University of Portland. The topic was “Student Workflow in the iClassroom”. Apps and iLessons shared ranged from flashcards and PDF annotation to multimedia projects and presentations and workflow solutions. I compiled all of the info in a¬†(seen below) which¬†includes all of the apps (and resources) as well as hyperlinks to student app reviews, iLessons, and student products.

[listly id=”22k” theme=”light” layout=”full” numbered=”yes” image=”yes” items=”all”]

App-tivities: Yesterday, I had another app-ortunity to share my app-thusiasm for iLearning and student app-tivities at Tech and Learning’s Tech Forum held in Austin. Below is the archived version of the livestreamed session. The panel includes myself, Yolanda Barker, and Jon Samuleson (better known to the twitterverse as @iPadSammy). Between the three of us, we cover app-tivities and student products from elementary to high school.

Watch live streaming video from techlearning at

Mix it up: Yolanda’s apps shared were cleverly showcased in an app mix as seen below:

475+  iPad Lessons Pinned HERE!

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02 Jul 2012
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Bloomin' Hackathon

Bloom’s taxonomy continues to be be a HOTS (pun intended) topic in the classroom. After a bit of internet research and the intent to ignite a passion for learning, I thought I would share my recipe for Bloomin’ Learning: Bloom’s Taxonomy, digital artifacts, writing and reflection, and a collaborative forum for sharing and publishing.

Bloom’s Review: Before we put our thinking hats on, let’s review Bloom’s…with the Simpsons (link to original video).

Flipped Bloom’s: Some suggest the original ladder of Bloom’s is an arduous climb for learners and should be evaluated. Rather than spend the majority of class time in the basement of Bloom’s, begin with a creating task and glean the knowledge necessary to complete the process. (Read more on Flipping Bloom’s here).

Digital Artifacts: While outdated, the Bloom’s ladder drum video showcases how an object can be threaded throughout each level of Bloom’s. A similar example using the revised taxonomy features a rock:

Exploring Rocks and Minerals with Bloom's Revised Taxonomy


Some digital artifacts can be personal and hold value to students. As digital storytelling is a powerful tool and most mobile devices and many computers have a way to locate or capture photos of such artifacts (whether they be an object, a person, a place, an event, a lab), I thought it best to begin with this type of digital media and use it as a framework for Bloom’s. While the Bloom’s pyramid listed is outdated, the idea is still significant.

A Picture is worth a thousand thoughts: inquiry with Bloom's taxonomy


A Taxonomy of Writing and Reflection: As the photos are truly meant to inspire our thoughts and words in order to ultimately write reflectively and collaboratively, I thought I would share the next support resource: “Reflect… Reflecting… Reflection…”

Bloomin’ Hackathon: Chris Walsh shared the idea of a creative hackathon¬†task during his ISTE 2012 session “Creativity is the Killer App”. The participant task involved each table sharing their most creative learning experience, the table voting on the best one shared, and culminated with each group creating a collaborative digital artifact to represent the learning experience selected. All of the artifacts can be viewed using the hashtag #creativelearning.

Thus, I propose a Bloomin’ Hackathon with the purpose to share the best and most creative uses of Bloom’s in the classroom. Rather than question-proof¬†the event with a detailed rubric for submission, I leave you with this question, “What should Bloom’s Taxonomy look like in the classroom?”

Please reply with a digital artifact in the comment section of the blog and/or with the hashtag #bloominglearnining

The Differentiator


Bloomin’s Best Resources: If you haven’t had your fill of Bloomin’ Resources, check out these listed below.


Creative Commons License
Bloomin’ Hackathon by TechChef4u is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

26 Jun 2012
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Creating and Collecting Digital Work – ISTE 2012

One of the most entertaining and engaging sessions I had the pleasure to attend was ‚ÄúCreating and Collecting Digital Work‚ÄĚ with Tammy Worcester and Kevin Honeycutt. Not only were the tools they shared easily applicable to any classroom, their presentation style truly embodied many of the ideals of creativity, play, and value shared in some of the earlier sessions I attended (which will be summarized in a later blog).

Thoroughly enjoyed "Creating & Collecting Digital Work" session with Kevin Honeycutt

Tammy modeled the role of the teacher and Kevin channeled his inner child. The session essentially focused on creating and collecting digital work in various forms (e.g screencasting desktop work, capturing traditional pencil and paper tasks, recording audio products, and transforming digital creations into tangible items). All of the resources shared for the session (and many more) can be found on Tammy’s site.

Glad I sat in the front row for this session – my iPad was able to capture some of the best moments. Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy!

Truly loved the idea of collecting all of the work in a digital class dropbox created with a Google Form.

One last nugget. Kevin shared a great idea. Create coffee mugs with a QR code hyperlinked to one of your student’s digital delights or a classroom site that is constantly updated with student work Рwhat a great way to start a teacher’s or parent’s morning.

19 Jun 2012
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iPrep 4 Kinder

“What are the top 3-5 skills you wish your Kindergarten students had before the first day of school?”

This is a session created by Yolanda Barker and myself (both mommies of preschoolers) to showcase how an iPad can support and supplement the acquisition of multiple skills necessary to enter the Kindergarten classroom. After completing some online research, we created a Google Form.¬†Over 80+ Kindergarten NorthEast ISD teachers¬†shared their take on “What are the top 3-5 skills you wish your Kindergarten students had before the first day of school?“. ¬†Based on their input, “iPrep 4 Kinder” was born to¬†showcase how the iPad and apps could support fundamentally essential skills (e.g. spelling name, letter and sound recognition, rhyming, keyboarding skills, following directions, building social skills, color/shape recognition, etc…) which will give preschool students the leg up upon their entrance into the Kindergarten realm.

iPrep 4 Kinder_Presentation


Below is a Listly created with all of the hyperlinks and resources for our session, “Hot Apps 4 TOTS”:

[listly id=”1Ik” theme=”light” layout=”full” numbered=”yes” image=”yes” items=”all”]

17 Apr 2012
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Tech Fiesta 2012

screenshot from Tech Fiesta 2012

Yolanda and I will be sharing compressed versions of two of our most popular iPad presentations at Tech Fiesta 2012: iBuild iPad Lessons & Hot Apps 4 HOTS

 iBuild iPad Lessons


Download PDF 


Hot Apps 4 HOTS


Download PDF

If you missed these presentations at TCEA or at Mobile 2012…come check these out!

17 Apr 2012
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60 Apps in 60 Minutes: Mobile 2012

In hindsight 60 apps in 60 minutes was a bit ambitious. I kind of felt as if we were auctioning off apps. (Perhaps a Nifty Fifty pack would have been a better fit.) For those of you who missed our session…or those of you who attended and caught whiplash from the sheer speed of it, here is a list of all of the apps we (Jon Samuelson and I) featured.

60 Apps in 60 Minutes: An iPadSammy Symbaloo Creation Presented at Mobile 2012

Free Apps:

  1. Futaba Word Games
  2. Doodle Buddy
  3. Infographics
  4. Photo Measure Lite
  5. Tracing Paper Lite
  6. Bill Atkinson PhotoCard
  7. TypeDrawing FREE
  8. StoryLines for Schools
  9. Video Star
  10. Epic Citadel
  11. PicCal
  12. Pizza Time
  13. iPen
  14. My PlayHome Lite
  15. Word Lens
  16. Sketchbook Express
  17. Bloom*
  18. iMotion HD
  19. My Secret Diary
  20. ScrapPad
  21. Album FX Lite
  22. TapTap Blocks
  23. Choiceboard Creator
  24. Voice Thread
  25. Corkulous
  26. Educreations
  27. Videolicious
  28. Social Express Lite
  29. Inkling
  30. Picturebook
  31. Mad Lips
  32. Snapguide
  33. Cinch
  34. Inspiration Maps Lite
  35. Opposite Ocean
  36. Blurb
  37. Visual Poet


I also decided to add a few more FREE ones to the list for good measure: Vidrhythm, Animation Desk Lite, Weather Wise, iK Calendar FREE, QR Beamer, String, Painting With Time, Transparent Earth


The majority of the FREE Edu apps listed above can be found in the newly released TechChef4u app (along with 500+ FREE sortable EDU apps).


Paid Apps:

13 Apr 2012
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iBuild iPad Lessons: Mobile 2012

Sharing the resources from ‚ÄúiBuild iPad Lessons‚ÄĚ workshop, which was offered at Mobile 2012, we (Yolanda and I) created multiple documents and PDF handouts to share.

Unfortunately Yolanda was unable to attend due to funding… (video created with Silent Film Director).

The two-hour Bring Your Own Device workshop included:

    1. Where to find the best educational apps
    2. Cautionary Apps & Info on Settings/Restrictions
    3. Sample Student Products & a discussion about consumption vs. production and how students submit work
    4. A compilation of  20+ free edu apps with provided integration ideas
    5. An iLesson template and time to create an iLesson of their own using the tools/resources provided.


Built in to each section was time to share resources, tips, and reactions and collaborate with colleagues.

If you missed the presentation…check it out.















Documents utilized in the course:

  1. Appy Integraion
  2. Lesson Template


 Want to share your iLesson?

Creative Commons License
iBuild iPad Lessons by Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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