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02 Dec 2013
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The Thinglink Ripple Effect

As we all know, the holidays are a very busy time of year. November felt like it flew by and I didn’t even get a chance to reflect on an amazing mobile conference… iPad Summit. My last post focused on my session “Designing Thinking Around Thinglink”.

While Thinglink is offering FREE Premium access to teachers that sign up before the end of December (more info here and Cathy details the upgraded features here)… and I have received multiple thinglinks from participants since the event, I thought I would spend some time showcasing the ripple effect of amazing educationally focused thinglinks.

Ian Simpson (@familysimpson): We first met on Twitter and chatted about Boston eateries and then hung out in person and toured historic Boston and even visited the Harvard iLab (more on that in an upcoming post). Ian created an iPad Summit Thinglink from a Paper by FiftyThree image and thinglinked it as a way to quickly reference all of his learning from the event.

Truly as thinglink is the little black dress of web and mobile tools (thanks to Michelle Cordy @cordym for coining that phrase)… the tool can be used as a canvas to create anything in virtually any educational setting.

“I’m going to use it to make my CPD blog posts more visual, I’m also going to use it with my Computing Science classes and creative writing extra- curricular club!!” – Ian Simpson


Courtney Pepe (@iPadqueen2012): Courtney is a fellow Apple Distinguished Educator and had to do a bit of session hopping as there were a few of us presenting in the same time slot. That being said, she caught the first part of my sesssion (reflections HERE) and later created her own thinglink for how to create a course in iTunes U.

Corinne Gilbert (@cogilbert): Corinne attended and shared her cleverly created Canva and Thinglink app smash which… (I’ll admit after a bit of Google translation, I found)… is chocked full of resources for parenting in a digital era to promote a conference designed for parents.

Corinne also used the Canva/Thinglink app smash to invite educators to an event called (Un Souper Pédagogique Presque Parfait) Traduction which translates to an almost perfect pedagogical dinner which is a monthly event for educators who wish to meet to discuss pedagogy.

But wait… there’s more. The beauty of having a hashtag and sharing creations on various social networks is that people that cannot attend in person benefit as well. Lindsey Rosie and April Requard were two such people:

Lindsey Rosie (@lizzielu48): Lindsey virtually attended the session (from Switzerland) via the resources being shared out on Twitter and later posted her creation on Twitter. She dabbled in using screenshots of Java to illustrate the nuances of coding as part of her course in Schoology and shared some of her insights into future uses with the tool:

“I will use thinklink to annotate code in java lessons, as a review tool for units as I like the idea of embedding items onto mind maps to create interactive revision tools linked to both the school and external sources.”

Lindsey went on to share an idea for grades and 9 and 10 to have a mood board where students can link images and help videos to support their projects:

“It would eliminate a lot of writing for the students and therefore be beneficial for eal and ls students as well as more fun for others.”

April Requard (@aprilrequard) also attended virtually:

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t in attendance, however, as a Twitter and Facebook follower, I loved your reflections and the ideas shared. I was specifically turned on to creating images using Canva and making the images interactive with Thinglink. The possibilities for teacher presentations as well as creative content by students is truly endless. I’m totally addicted! ” – April Requard

April created two amazingly beautiful app-smashed creations using Canva and Thinglink for her upcoming December presentations.

April went on to share with me her love for these creative tools:

“It’s tools such as these that get my inner graphic designer (I’m a novice, but love it) and passionate educator the spark to keep the momentum going. Thanks, Lisa!”  – April Requard

Clearly April Requard has taken her virtual learning experiences and let her imagination run wild! (And we share a love of the same design aesthetic pairing of gray, pink, and turquoise.)

Visit Thinglink EDU Pinterest board for 270+ EDU Thinglink examples.

And of course… you might like to know why TechChef4u hasn’t been busily checking off her blog post to do list and cranking out blogs like sugar cookies on a holiday assembly line … Hopefully, this thinglink says it all. TechChef4u presents an expanded line of Chic Geek iJewelry just in time for the holidays… and on etsy. Check out the Cyber Monday deal!

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10 Oct 2013
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What’s Your Flavor of PD

Seated at an airport charging terminal with my Mifi and an off brand vanilla latte (ugh… No Starbucks in PHL), I wanted to share a few Professional Development resources that I have found useful over the past few weeks.

Truly PD comes in all shapes, sizes, and formats from traditional workshops and seminars to more nontraditional flavors (e.g. podcasts, Twitter chats, and Smores). For the purpose of this post, I want to spend some time focusing on alternative means of professional learning.

“Truly we are a heterogenous group of adult learners and we respond differently to multiple approaches to instruction and learning.”

Smores: Laura Chaffey (@laurachaffey) uses one of my favorite web tools, Smore, to create beautiful technology infused newsletters that accompany an on-site professional development and then pins them on Pinterest for quick reference. Laura shares multiple forms of media in these online posters on topics ranging from literary resources and digital texts to apps and even student examples. Whether you are able to attend the sessions in person or simply consuming them from afar, these Smores are a tasty morsel! (Another tool to create these types of resources for teachers is MailChimp – stay tuned for an upcoming blog on this tool).

Laura Chaffey's Technology Flyers

Laura Chaffey’s Technology Flyers

Twitter Chats: Recently I co-moderated my first twitter chat – #caedchat (9/29). The topic for the night was “iPads in Education” and Jessica Pack (@Packwoman208) and John Stevens (@Jstevens009) did a most excellent job of preparing questions ahead of time to lead the discussion. The 8 questions for the hour ranged from “What iPad setup do you currently have at your site/classroom? (1:1, 2:1, some, 1, etc)” and “How do you incorporate the SAMR model when designing activities?” to challenges, tips for integration, and even student samples.

Definitely a lively chat with lots of great tweeps chiming in! If you decide to take the plunge into Twitter Chats, I would highly advise a tool like Twubs or TweetChat to channel the #. Many of these tools will allow you to control the speed of the conversation and even pause it. It is an extremely rapid fire approach to PD and certainly not for those that find it difficult to follow more than one conversation at a time. The good news is that it is archived so you can always scroll through the chat at a later date and time but I think there is something so meaningful about synchronously participating in the live discussion with educators all over the country and receiving immediate feedback.


iVengers Radio: I might be partial to this little gem. As Yolanda has moved to Qatar, I think it is suffice it to say that “Appy Hours 4 U” is probably dead. Pause for a moment of silence… But in its wake, Carl Hooker (@mrhooker), Greg Garner (@classroom_tech), and @iPadSammy, and I have initiated iVengers Radio. While iPadSammy is no longer with the Eanes iVenger crew in the second season (he has moved in to the private sector), the show must go on…

Fighting for Truth, Justice and the Ed Tech way! The show can be watched live via a Google Hangout (seen below) or with audio only via iTunes or PodBean (which includes audio and a link to the show notes).

iVengers Radio

iVengers Radio

Differentiated Professional Development: While we may consider providing choice to our students, many times a one-size fits all approach to professional development is prescribed. Truly we are a heterogenous group of adult learners and we respond differently to multiple approaches to instruction and learning. Whether you relish a firehose of educational support and lively discussion via a Twitter chat, prefer to scan through your PD in a newsletter fashion, or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park or grocery store accompanied by your earbuds and the iVenger crew, consider the multitude of non-traditional approaches to professional development for yourself and fellow educators.

Google Form: Forms of PD

Google Form: Forms of PD (please continue to submit responses)

What is your favorite flavor of PD? Well, to find out the answer… I enlisted the help of a few tweeps and FB friends using the Google Form above. Truly, I may have slanted the responses a bit as the three I shared in the blog as well as “Other” were the only 4 choices provided. That being said, here are the responses from the survey:

Favorite Form of PD Survey

Favorite Form of PD Survey

“Consider preparing a delectable medley of these possibilities and other creative solutions when developing a professional learning platform for your staff.”

Interested in 1:1 Deployment and PD strategies and implementation? Looking for a dynamic presenter or interactive workshop? Contact TechChef4u (

Interactive TechChef Thinglink

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10 Sep 2013
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Augmented Calling Cards with Thinglink

Yes, I am devoting another post to perpetuating the potential and possibility of Thinglink.

But first, a little delayed gratification to revel in the benefits of sharing online. When one blogs, they hardly ever know if what they say has reached or impacted anyone. Bloggers are like global crop-dusters (I  may have just just see Planes but I think the simile stands), they spread and make their words and ideas accessible to a worldwide educational blogosphere. However, they rarely ever see the harvest unless someone leaves it on their digital doorstep. Yep, we are about to get sentimental. This morning, I received a very kind message from someone I have never met.

TechChef4u Facebook

TechChef4u Facebook

This speaks volumes to my message of the power and impact of sharing online and why I feel so strongly about blogging and social networking as a means of ongoing professional development and learning.

“We have never met and probably never will but the content you post helps me at work frequently.”

So… now to the resource sharing… Last year I printed these little Ed Tech postcards and put them in every one’s boxes. They contained my contact info and a little more about what our role is as an educational technologist.

Calling Card created in Pages

Calling Card created in Pages

Surprisingly, many teachers wanted to use the template to create their own for parent night. This year I refreshed mine and added a little twist… and hopefully some zest (sadly, they are not scratch and sniff – lemon and orange scented ones would be fun though… but I digress… and ryhme… so no thyme either).

Designs for Pages app

Designs for Pages app

I used the Designs for Pages app and selected a Flyer template that would best serve my purposes. From there the process looked like this:

  1. Open selected template in Pages
  2. Email Pages template to yourself (if you prefer to work from a  Mac)
  3. Modify colors and text accordingly
  4. Add a Bio Pic
  5. Create an auto-biographical Word Cloud OR Include a QR code ( to your site.
  6. When finished, export as a PDF and print/share.
  7. To add a layer of #awesomesauce, I created an augmented version of the the calling card using Thinglink.

Below is the final product. While I did, use multiple devices and apps to achieve the product below, I think it may still count as an app-smash… better check with Greg Kulowiec though. 😉 I think he may agree that Thinglink still reigns supreme as the ultimate app smasher.

Ah… some of you caught the subtle change. I am now an Ed Tech at WHS. Go Chaps! Tanna Fiske (@fiskeclass), the history teacher I have showcased for her amazing student projects, is the current Ed Tech for HCMS this year.

Many times, I create things with the intent of modeling a tool so others could eventually use it for more instructional purposes in their classroom. I have maintained a Listly of EDU Thinglinks for some time but felt that it might be better to create a more visual repository. To that end… I have assembled a new Pinterest board of 130+ Thinglink EDU examples for all of my Pindred Spirits … Please Enjoy.

130+ Thinglink EDU Examples

130+ Thinglink EDU Examples

Interested in 1:1 Deployment and PD strategies and implementation? Looking for a dynamic presenter or interactive workshop? Contact TechChef4u (

Interactive TechChef Thinglink

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16 Aug 2013
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Fostering the 3 F’s of Formative (Frequent, Fruitful, and Functional) Assessment

Eanes ISD has developed a two day Professional Learning Conference for their staff. During a session on the “Art of Questioning”, Pam Harris (@pwharris) discussed the difference between social and logical knowledge and provided some very useful examples. Her tips and anecdotes really set the stage for my session on formative assessment as her strategies could be applied to the tools that I would be sharing in the afternoon.

How did I ever know what my students were thinking before these fundamental digital delights? This session will showcase three tools that can be accessed on any mobile device to provide instant and formative and fetching and fascinating details about your student’s current understanding. Please bring a mobile device (e.g. iPad or Laptop) and an old exam you would like to freshen up. We will fire up our session with Infuse Learning and Nearpod and flash out new features in Google Forms. This session is meant to forge ahead through 3 tools and whet your appetite for integrating formative assessment in your classroom in the upcoming year.

Using Nearpod as a vehicle, I delivered a session on formative assessment to secondary teachers using three of my favorite tools: Nearpod, Google Forms, and Infuse Learning. Multiple participants wanted to review the materials after the presentation, so I decided to enable the “homework” version of the presentation… and share it with the greater education blogosphere too… that’s y’all… just so you know 😉

Formative Assessment Nearpod Presentation

Formative Assessment Nearpod Presentation

While you don’t have access to the pedagogy and tips I shared during the session, hopefully the resources inspire you to conduct more formative assessment with your students and provide a few interesting ideas. Please continue to share and share alike… for truly FORmative assessment ultimately benefits our students!

Nearpod Homework

Nearpod Homework

The PIN for the presentation is “HPKVY” and you will need to enter Nearpod as a student (rather than a teacher).

TechChef4u wants to hear from YOU: Please share how you using technology as a vehicle for ongoing formative assessment with your students in the comments or with – would love to share your anecdotes and feature examples in an upcoming post.


Interactive TechChef Thinglink

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17 Jul 2013
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Thinglink… the ultimate app-smasher!!!!

Contrary to popular belief, the art of app-smashing is not the action of pressing on an app  until it jiggles or an individual app at all (well, it is an app, but I digress). I feel I must credit Greg Kulowiec with the terminology as he offers a course on it and has prepared the first official definition.

“App Smashing Defined: The process of using multiple apps in conjunction with one another to complete a final task or project.”

But truly the art of app-smashing has been well documented for some time. Educators like myself, Laura Wright, Lisa Carnazzo, and many more showcase multiple examples online everyday. Laura Wright actual coined the phrase “multi-apping” in a post I shared in November of 2012 to refer to the same phenomenon. Moving past semantics and terminology, I think that the ultimate focus on app-smashing is the intended purpose or result and the workflow necessary to achieve it.

 App Smashing Image Screenshots compiled with Pic Collage

I recently stumbled upon the Definitive App Smasher’s Guide pictured above (a FREE 13 page download from Miguel Guhlin). The resource is available in ePub and PDF and is a really great example to showcase the flow and provide additional concrete guided tasks.

As I app-arently cannot finish a post without sharing a thinglink and 3 of my last posts have focused on the tool, I think it only prudent to share how Thinglink can be the ultimate example of app-smashing! Think about it…Thinglinks are an image.

  • Images: Images can be created, annotated, and embellished with Pic Collage, Keynote, Strip Designer, and Skitch.
  • Thinglink Nubbins: From there, Thinglink merely adds nubbins to those images. Nubbins can be either plain text or anything with a link.
  • Links: What has a link? Um… pretty much anything. Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, YouTube, Prezi, Quizlet. iMovie Trailers and Puppet Pals can be exported to YouTube or a Dropbox… ScreenChomps and Tellagami’s can be shared with URLs. Each photo or video could be an individual example of app-smashing.

Miguel Guhlin shares a perfect example of this as Haiku Deck images can be exported to the camera roll and then turned into a narrated video using Explain Everything.

Example from Page 6 of Miguel Guhlin's "The Definitive App Smasher's Guide"

Example from Page 6 of Miguel Guhlin’s “The Definitive App Smasher’s Guide”

So what could this look like? For months I have been sharing the potential of Thinglink and just recently I stumbled upon a teacher using for exactly that purpose… sharing student work as an ePortfolio!!!

I feel this just might be the pinnacle of app-smashing… but truly you be the judge. How will you channel and showcase your student’s inner product-based selves through app-smashing?

For more EDU Thinglink Examples, visit this


Interactive TechChef Thinglink

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30 Jun 2013
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Thinglink 1 and Thinglink 2

Before I recount all of the ISTE 2013 gems… I wanted to thank everyone for bearing with us. TechChef4u has been experiencing growing pains with the launch of the new TechChef site and we greatly app-reciate your patience through it all. Continue to check back often as we will be frequently adding new content and website features.

Without further ado… Thinglink 1 and Thinglink 2… Last week I posted a Thinglink created for a session I did at BrainPOP’s booth focusing on inquiry-based app-tivities.

After sharing my app-thusiasm for inquiry based app-tivities, I continued to peruse the expo hall. And what to my wondering eyes should appear … none other than the CMO of Thinglink, Neil Vineberg. We got to chatting about the app (and how in future updates it will have very similar features to the web version). We also discussed the need for a more robust collection of nubbins… perhaps even numerical ones 1-9 which would be perfect for a webquest (great ideas for future nubbins also percolated from luncheons with @RafranzDavis). But I digress…

As I was so excited to find Thinglink, one of my favorite web tools, hidden away in a corner of the expo hall, I continued to guide and escort other Thinglink addicts there over the course of the next few days. Truly a Herculean feat to even cover the entire expo hall, let alone locate a booth on it, I was glad my navigation skills held up.

One of my favorite Thinglinkers (and fellow iVenger), Marianna Husain, made a stop by the booth and shared a recent Thinglink that she had prepared for an ISTE session with her fellow elementary iVengers. Thinglinking Infographics!?! Now that is really out of the box… 😉

But wait… there’s more… Of course, I naturally wanted to capture this momentous moment, so what better way to celebrate than with a thinglink?

Have a hankering for Thinglink? Visit my Listly on Thinglink EDU Resources and Examples.

Interactive TechChef Thinglink

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17 May 2013
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Appy Birthday @MrHooker – Thinglink style

It’s Carl’s Birthday (@mrhooker) and I’ll blog if I want to… blog if I want to. No, but seriously, today is Carl’s birthday (aka my boss – aka #bigdeal). What better way to celebrate than with a Thinglink from all of the iVengers and his Twitter friends with all of their digital well wishes and sentiment. (This is adapted from an idea I saw in a previous Pinterest pin).

If you would like to join in on the app-thusiasm, complete the form below

Share your app-thusiasm for Carl!

And with that … Appy Friday! Stay tuned next week for a reflection blog on this year of 1:1 iPad.

Interactive TechChef4u Thinglink


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Come visit me at ISTE 2013!


10 May 2013
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Sharing Student App-thusiasm

I think I am going to devote an entire blog series to the topic of “ideas I had from a pin”. Many times I find a pin that sparks an idea. The pin itself may not have been exactly what I would replicate… but the idea takes on a path and journey of its own.

So, in honor of all of the teachers and educators who follow this blog, I thought I would share and adapt a pin that I found two days ago. A truly sentimental and adorable idea a photographer mother shared. Her daughter was turning 8 and the class used the SMART board to list one adjective that described the birthday girl. I can only imagine how special and uplifting this was for the child as well as touching for the mother. The final product was the picture of the child with all of the adjectives floating around her. Truly, what an amazing keepsake!

App-tastic idea shared from TSJ Photography blog

Of course, this naturally got me thinking about how this sentiment could be achieved on the iPad…

  • Skitch or Popplet: Students could take a photo of themselves on their iPad and use the Skitch or Popplet app to have each child add an adjective about them.
  • Croak it: Students can then use the app to briefly explain why they used that adjective (perfect for an anecdotal story)
  • Thinglink: The Skitch photo could be uploaded to Thinglink and then each audio file could be linked to the adjective it details. OR, students could just upload the Skitch or Popplet photo and use it as an ePortfolio and link some of their best work to the photo (e.g. podcasts, documents, videos, etc…)
  • Book Creator or Strip Designer: Students could also take each Skitch or Popplet photo and create a page for each student as a final class book.


This idea could also be adapted for a teacher or co-worker. Each teacher could contribute adjectives for the student or all of the students could contribute adjectives for a teacher. Or teachers could take a picture of the classroom and have each student use the app to detail their favorite memory and then Thinkglink all of the audio files to the class image.

Dads, if you are reading this, what an adorable idea for your kids to create for their mom 😉

Clearly, there are also curricular connections to this idea  (e.g. dynamic and static character traits for fictional or historical characters).


And one more… I know this is created on a whiteboard, but this could very well be achieved with Padlet or a pass around Popplet app-tivity. What a most excellent end-of-year app-tivity!


As I hadn’t time to actually produce an example of this, I would love to see your adaptations of these ideas. If you decide to take on this challenge, email me at with a brief description of what you did and the final example and I will feature it on next week’s blog! Note, make sure you have full rights to publish the product you send.


Interactive TechChef4u Thinglink


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18 Sep 2012
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Leaving Digital Learning Legacies

As the new school year begins, I thought it might be nice to catch up with one of my favorite iClassroom teachers, Ms. Carnazzo. Not only does she have her own Twitter teacher feed, but she has created a classroom Twitter account (@CarnazzosClass) to communicate with parents and other classrooms around the world. To visually showcase all of the iLearning, she uses Time Kiwi to turn her twitter feed into a visual timeline. As most of the posts are videos and images, it plays out beautifully and serves as a visual reminder of learning all year long. Lisa Carnazzo is an excellent model for how to be a narrative champion for her students and leave a beautiful digital learning legacy behind.

Carnazzo's Class Time Kiwi


Further thoughts and tips:
  1. TimeKiwi will also aggregate other services such as Flickr and Facebook.
  2. Use apps like Turbo CollagePic CollagePolyFrame to create collages for one post rather than posting a series of images all day long
  3. Use apps like Skitch to add text to images
  4. TimeKiwi is iOS friendly and will showcase the feed in vertical and horizontal timeline mode on your iPad.
  5. Of course, I felt compelled to create my own…TechChef4u’s Timekiwi
  6. Check out how other schools and districts are using Twitter and FB
  7. Great checklist for using Twitter in the primary classroom


More iLessons by CarnazzoWord Families and Math Facts and 10 More iLessons (with detailed write-ups).
300+ iPad Lessons Pinned HERE!

Did you know TechChef4u had a FB page?

21 Aug 2012
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Sync-up with Evernote

I was a bit of a late adopter to Evernote. Two years ago, I jumped on board and began dumping more and more info into my Evernote from “appy hour” scripts and lists of blog ideas to wireless passwords and conference notes.

Evernote Sync-up


Last Thursday I had the app-ortunity to visit the new Evernote headquarters in Austin with fellow members of the Eanes Ed Tech crew. Impressed with the idea of a 100 year company and a resource that I could continually trust to hold my most precious thoughts and resources, I was even more thrilled to learn about the other features and ideas Evernote offered and suggested for making my “second brain” more accessible and efficient:

  • Send notes into specific notebooks directly from your email. Let’s say you want to send a photo or important email directly to Evernote:
    • Locate your Evernote email address found under Account/Account Info (use this email address to send to)
    • Add a subject for your note in the subject line
    • Add the name of the notebook you wish to send it to in the subject line (e.g. “@Math”).
    • Add any tags you wish to use (e.g. “#equations #variable)
    • The final subject line might look something like this:
      • Step-by-Step Equations @Math #equations #variable
  • Tag notes and lessons with TEKS (standards) or keywords for quick search access
  • Create public checklists for school supplies and projects and share the note via a hyperlink
  • Utilize the Clearly plugin to format what you read online
  • Create stacked notebooks by simply dragging one notebook onto another. For example, let’s say you have an Algebra notebook and a Geometry notebook. Drag one on top of the other to create a stacked notebook entitled “Math”. The hierarchy really helps with organization and combats the summer brain drain by making the year’s previous notes a simple search away.
  • Scan documents directly with the Scansnap scanner
  • Make use of OCR for scanned documents and photos. Truly this is awesome! Imagine taking a snapshot of the notes on the board for the day and then being able to actually search your notes by the words in the photo. App-tastic!


Evernote has OCR with Photos and Scanned Docs


Other Evernote Resources I gleaned from the web:


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