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Just Google “iPad Lessons” and Lisa Johnson’s creations and curations can be readily found across a variety of social networks. Recognized as an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2013 and Lead PBS Digital Innovator for Texas in 2016, featured in both editions of “ Pads in Education for Dummies” and Corwin’s Connected Educators Series “ The Missing Voices in EdTech", Lisa thoughtfully and diligently models and shares the transformational power of mobile devices and professional learning networks within the global edusphere.

Creator of the TechChef4u blog, Co-host of “Appy Hours 4 U” and “iVengers Radio”, and Co-Author of the professional development hit “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” with close to 20,000 international downloads, Lisa Johnson offers a unique perspective as she is embedded at the intersection of where all stakeholders in technology integration meet.

Mother of two mobile natives, Educational Technologist supporting a K-12 1:1 Pad school district, nationally recognized speaker, international curriculum writer, Book Creator Ambassador, Tackk Advocate, and Thinglink Expert Educator, Lisa Johnson has the ability to see and share how technology can impact and redefine pedagogy, assessment, instruction, and the four walls of the classroom.

Blending purposeful technology integration with wit and a dollop of app-thusiasm, Lisa Johnson addresses hot topics ranging from SAMR and 21st century learning to formative assessment, fostering students as authors, differentiated instruction, e-portfolios, workflow, curation, collaborative cultures, device neutral classrooms, and the ever evolving classroom dynamic. Bringing her own unique home roasted blend of pedagogy and perspective, Lisa Johnson empowers educators with the critical ingredients to cook up a new recipe for learning.

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TechChef, Mom of 2 Mobile Natives, Social Geek
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Lisa has 14+ years of educational experience ranging from teaching HS English & MS Math to developing international curriculum and supporting educational technology in the K-12 sector. She holds a Master's Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology, was featured in the latest publications "iPads in Education for Dummies” and “The Missing Voices in Ed Tech” and has co-authored the international hit “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” that has garnered 20,000+ downloads. Apple Distinguished Educator, PBS Lead Digital Innovator, and Edutopia Blogger, Lisa's enjoys "cooking up" purposeful, engaging, authentic resources to meet the needs of a diverse population of educators.


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  • "I cannot express how proud I am of what you are doing for students!  You are an amazing educator and your energy and dedication is contagious!"

    Nola Wellman, Superintendent
  • “In my opinion, Lisa Johnson’s book is a must-have publication for both learning about the skills needed by students, as well as utilizing all the great examples and ideas in each chapter in the classroom.”

    Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist, Adjunct Instructor, Wilkes University, PA
  • "The learning session with Lisa was an excellent use of my time! She is current on practical education trends and provides examples to accompany her instruction. I couldn’t wait to share the apps and PD books I learned about with teachers!"  

    Christie Gudowski, Librarian at Reagan HS
  • “This book has an unbelievable amount of tips, ideas, and great advice for communicating in the 21st century. It’s not only helpful for teaching students to be better communicators, but adults as well! Some of these tips are so exciting and thoughtful, I want a tip-a-day calendar version of this book! “

    Jennie Magiera, Chief Technology Officer, Des Plaines School District 62, Des Plaines IL
  • "In a world of educational negativity (at least in my area), people like (Lisa) continue to lift spirits and relight sparks of a love for learning!"

    Tracy Clark, Director of Professional Development Initiatives at ProComputing Corporation
  • “In this book, Lisa Johnson provides memorable anecdotes mixed with actionable steps. It is full of engaging imagery, clever templates, and thoughtful quotations, which are sure to leave a lasting impression on today’s teachers who are meeting students where they are and leading them where they want to be.”

    Reshan Richards, Adjunct Assistant Professor Teachers College, Columbia University New York, NY
  • “The world would be a better place if everyone who sends and receives email reads Lisa Johnson’s email etiquette in Chapter 1. Furthermore, Lisa follows her own advice in Cultivating Communication—much of the information in this book is presented in bulleted lists and visuals!”

    Tony Vincent, Teaching and Technology Specialist, Council Bluffs, IA

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- Slide to Learn Australia: (July 2012)
- Mobile, Motivating, & Me in Columbia, SC: (February 2013)
- Slide 2 Learn Australia: (April 2013)
- Technology in the Early Grades at A&M University in College Station, TX (April 2014)
- TIC in Dubuque, Iowa: (June 2014)
- Ramsey Technology Conference in Ramsey, NJ: (November 2014)
- CUE Nevada in Reno, NV: (June 2015)
- Little Apple Tech Fest in Manhattan, KS: (February 2016)
- iPadpalooza OU in Norman, OK: (August 2016)
District Trainings
- South San ISD (Texas)
- Lutheran HS of San Antonio (Texas)
- East Central ISD (Texas)
- Edgewood ISD (Texas)
- Alamo Heights ISD (Texas)
- Lackland ISD (Texas)
- Bastrop ISD (Texas)
- SouthWest ISD (Texas)
- Shepherd of the Hills of San Antonio (Texas)
- Duchesne Academy of Houston (Texas)
- Austin ISD (Texas)
- Midlothian ISD (Texas)
- Ennis ISD (Texas)
- Christ Church Episcopal School (Greenville, South Carolina)
- Episcopal School of Dallas (Texas)
- St. John’s Episcopal School of Dallas (Texas)
- Sanger ISD (Texas )
- Round Rock ISD (Texas)
- Randolph Field ISD (Texas)
- Friends Central School (Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)
- Ramsey School District (Ramsey, New Jersey)
- Summit Academy (Romulus, Michigan)
- Arkansas City USD (Arkansas City, Kansas)
- North East ISD Librarians (Texas)
Webinars and Podcasts
- Hosted and Co-Hosted Webinars: Simple K12, BrainPop, Ed Tech Teacher, MacReach, Connected Learner TV, Appitic
- Hosted and Co-Hosted Podcasts: Appy Hours 4 U, iVengers, Adam Jones ED, Social Geek Radio
Panels and Conferences
- TCEA in Austin, TX: (February 2012)
- Mobile Learning 2012 in Phoenix, AZ: (April 2012)
- Region 20 Tech Fiesta in San Antonio, TX: (April 2012)
- Computer Explorers Conference Feat. Speaker in Baltimore, MD: (April 2012)
- Region 7 Tech Conference in White Oak, TX: (June 2012)
- Tots and Technology 2012 in Galveston, TX: (June 2012)
- iPadpalooza Feat. Speaker in Austin, TX: (June 2012)
- ISTE 2012 in San Diego, CA: (June 2012)
- TEC SIG in Austin, TX: (October 2012)
- TCEA Region 10 & 11 Feat. Speaker in Dallas, TX: (October 2012)
- Oregon Academic Tech Society Featured Speaker in Portland, OR: (October 2012)
- Tech Forum in Austin, TX: (November 2012)
- Ohio Library Conference Feat. Speaker in Bexley, OH: (November 2012)
- FETC in Orlando, FL: (January 2013)
- TCEA in Austin, TX: (February 2013)
- Tech Forum Feat. Speaker in Atlanta, GA: (March 2013)
- Region 20 Tech Fiesta in San Antonio, TX: (April 2013)
- iPad Summit in Atlanta, GA: (April 2013)
- Region 7 Tech Conference in White Oak, TX: (June 2013)
- Seguin ISD, TX: (June 2013)
- iPadpalooza Feat. Speaker in Austin, TX: (June 2013)
- ISTE 2013 in San Antonio, TX: (June 2013)
- Plug and Play 2013 in Tuscon, AZ: (July 2013)
- Apple Distinguished Educators Global Event in Austin, TX: (July 2013)
- Tech Forum in Austin, TX: (November 2013)
- Apple World Education Sales Event in Austin, TX: (November 2013)
- iPad Summit in Boston, MA: (November 2013)
- Learning Forward in Dallas, TX: (December 2013)
- TCEA in Austin, TX: (February 2014)
- Apple Superintendents Leadership Event in Houston, TX: (February 2014)
- Apple Distinguished Educator Event in Cupertino, CA: (June 2014)
- SDE Power-Up Feat. Speaker in Vegas, NV: (July 2014)
- ETT Summit in Chicago, IL: (July 2014)
- ETT Austin Global iPad Event: (August 2014)
- Apple World Education Sales Event: (November 2014)
- Miami Device Feat. Speaker in Miami, FL: (November 2014)
- TCEA in Austin, TX: (February 2015)
- Texas Library Association in Austin, TX: (April 2015)
- Cuero ISD Learning Festival in Cuero, TX: (June 2015)
- iPadpalooza in Austin, TX: (June 2015)
- iPadpalooza in East Texas: (July 2015)
- iPadpalooza STX in McAllen, TX: (August 2015)
- CREST in Austin, TX: (September 2015)
- Miami Device Feat. Speaker in Miami, FL: (November 2015)
- Discover Magnet Conference in Wichita, KS: (January 2016)
- ICE Featured Speaker in Chicago, IL: (February 2016)
- Fort Bend ISD Digital Learning Conference in Fort Bend, TX: (June 2016)
- iPadpalooza in Austin, TX: (June 2016)
- ISTE 2016 in Denver, CO: (June 2016)
- iPadpalooza STX in McAllen, TX: (August 2016)
- iPadpalooza Gold Coast, Australia: (September 2016)
- TCCA and TCEA Houston, TX: (October 2016)
- Fort Worth Tech Conference: (January 2017)
- TCEA in Austin, TX: (February 2017)
- Texas Library Association in San Antonio, TX: (April 2017)
- iPadpalooza in Austin, TX: (June 2017)
- International Literacy Association in Orlando, FL: (July 2017)
- iPadpalooza STX in McAllen, TX: (July 2017)
- iPadpalooza OU Feat. Speaker in Norman, OK: (August 2017)