02 Jan 2013
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Sharing App-thusiasm for iLearning!

When I started my blog almost two years ago, I had no idea that it would have the reach that it does. I merely wanted to create a space to display resources for my campus and district in a more user-friendly fashion than a static website and carve out a nook to archive all of the ideas that float around in my head and showcase the ones I get to observe each day as I walk the halls.

Sharing App-thusiasm and iResources: As I mentioned in my last post, blogging is one of those art forms that is time-consuming but rewarding in so many ways. The idea of speaking from your heart and sharing resources has become more and more common place. When someone reaches out from cyberland and makes a human connection, I am instantly reminded why I spend countless hours blogging and sharing:

“I love that so many are so generous with ideas and help each other grow.

It all boils down to helping kids for me.”

“Thanks for the inspiration to create, have fun and open doors for my kids.”

I received the above comments from Debbie Rice in San Jose, California who works for a school district that is testing the feasibility of 1:1 iPads. She had been following my site since May and app-reciated all of the resources shared in my prolific posts. She went on to share that she teaches a class of students with high functioning autism and the students have greatly benefitted instructionally from the devices.

I felt truly touched by Debbie’s kind words but found myself even more blessed to find that she too had begun to share and share alike… a treasure trove of iResources and student products! Projects ranged from advice letters to Rudolph and Island of the Blue Dolphins book reports using Scribble Press to probability and pumpkin math investigations using Popplet. Students even dabbled in augmented reality to create a Virtual Book Review Board using Aurasma. One of my favorites was flower dissection using Popplet as I had never considered using Popplet to annotate over an image. App-solutely Brilliant!

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Sparking Love for iLearning: Similarly, I presented a session on the 1 iPad Classroom and iProductivity at a TCEA event in Frisco where I was a featured speaker. One of the attendees, Taylor Clark, was a high school senior who had tagged along with her mother and shared her thoughts on the two sessions:

“You sparked in me a new love for learning that I didn’t have before. I have come back to school (I am a high school senior) and told every single one of my teachers what I learned from your sessions.

Thank you so much for what you do!”

She went on to say: “You were very animated with your presentation, which I believe always holds people’s attention. Also, your information was just superb, after your sessions I felt like I was on tech overload and needed a apple detox program (in a good way). It would be wonderful to see you again, I truly loved your sessions. In a world of educational negativity (at least in my area), people like you continue to lift spirits and relight sparks of a love for learning!”

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As we embark in to 2013, I wanted to thank all of you who blog, create, and publish resources online for your creativity and gift of time. Additionally, much gratitude goes to those of you who curate and consume these resources. The collaboration between minds and iClassrooms has just begun. And truly we do it all to ultimately benefit our students!

Every day I power on my Mac or mobile device, I am truly inspired by the level of  innovation and technology integration I locate via blogs and social networks. Many of these blogs are showcased here on the “33 Best Educational Technology Blogs” list (which TechChef4u was nominated).


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