14 Apr 2014
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Mindful Monday…Collecting Reflections

In preparing for a keynote this month to elementary preservice and inservice teachers at Texas A&M, I felt some self-reflection was warranted. I thought back to my preservice days and even my first year of teaching… with no curriculum, no mentor, no scope and sequence, an outdated textbook, and very little knowledge of what actual classroom management techniques looked like in practice. It truly was a sink or swim time and I found I dog-paddled in the deep end for some time.

While the technology, as you can plainly see, has evolved…


… and my hair and tan has dissipated somewhat, I still venture to pose the question…

“Are our preservice teachers any better prepared and equipped to handle the challenges of instruction, pedagogy, and technology integration in today’s classrooms?”

Though every institution and teacher is very different, I wonder if we as a collective whole of seasoned educators could sprinkle in a bit of wisdom and personal insight to better prepare these teachers for the limitless potential and critical challenges the 21st Century classroom holds.

Cathy Yenca did just that with her Message to 21st Century Pre-Service Middle School Math Teachers.

While I bring my own insight to the desk, technology allows for collecting an even broader perspective:

“The smartest person in the room is the room itself: the network that joins the people and ideas in the room, and connects to those outside of it…” – David Weinberger

So, what if the room was my global PLN? Imagine the insight and lessons that could be collected and shared…

And because the TechChef doesn’t leave a blog without sharing a tasty morsel of integration delight… here are few ideas for using Google Forms with your students:

This last one was so Heck-Awesome both visually as well as with resources that I felt it necessary to also embed below:

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