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25 Oct 2013
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Connected Educators: Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

Before I share multiple resources to support healthy connected learning online, I would like to impart one more reason why sharing online is so integral to the future of education and to transforming our pedagogy. I can’t tell you how many resources and tools I glean from social networks and blogs every day. I feel blessed to have a venue to share and humbled and energized when educators utilize and extend the information and resources I share (much like the author of the iPadYouPad blog did when she found a great article on exit and admit tickets prompted by my earlier post). 

Friends Central School

Earlier in the month, I delivered a parent presentation at the Friends’ Central School in Pennsylvania on “Staying Sane in Cyberspace”. The seminar focused on resources to support parents with managing devices at home: screen time, pedagogy, internet safety, responsible use, digital footprints, eportfolios, and much more.

This morning I discovered a post on the Digital Citizenship Survival Kit by Craig Badura. I have to say that taking real world objects and using them as metaphors for health and wellness online was simply brilliant! Being a Thinglinker, I began toying with the idea of building upon his creation and doing a little web app-smashing:

  • Canva:  I turned to the web tool Canva (still in closed Beta) to create the image
  • Thinglink: Then I uploaded the image to Thinglink and added links and additional information to each nubbin.
  • BounceApp: Finally, I used the BounceApp to highlight each portion of Craig’s article that referenced the object in the picture.

(And of course, I emailed Craig for permission prior and gave him credit for the original image and content that I embellished.)

A big thank you to Craig for letting me bedazzle his image with interactive nubbins.

But wait… there’s more… I also linked the of parent resources to the Thinglink… and embedded it below with all 45+ resources:

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