05 Feb 2015
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Curating and Creating with Care

I am often crippled by my need for perfection and to share what I feel is a thorough, complete, and exhaustive resource. For some reason, I also decided to dive very deep down the Lego Rabbit Hole and staged all of my slides with Lego MiniFigures as well.

Curation and Creation.001

Why the Need for Curating and Creating with Care?

I have to say that this session is definitely a long time in the making. And I really wanted to address the need for such a session and a resource:

  • Increased Access to Content: While students’ have a wide array of access to devices, it becomes very easy to simply nab or screenshot an image without even thinking about citations or appropriate use.
  • Increase in Digital Assignments: Furthermore, more and more student assignments and projects are transitioning from analog to digital and with that more student authored content is floating around online. With the flux of student creations and better ways to gather digital creations, there becomes an even greater need to teach students to protect their work with Creative Commons licensing.
  • Fire Hose of Content: With the rapid amount of content being uploaded and shared via the global edusphere and beyond, there is a need for “trusted curation” to battle the fire hose of content. With curation comes a need to discuss best practices to preserve other’s work online as it is reposted, repinned, retweeted, relisted, rescooped, and relinked.

Creative Commons: It’s Not Just a License: It is a Lifestyle!

As I created my own images for this session, I wanted to make sure that as they were shared, there was some way to easily attribute these original creations back to me. After a brief Twitter Chat with The Daring Librarian (@Gwyneth Jones), I decided to Creative Commons all of the images and then upload them to Flickr.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.51.22 PM

And BTW, if you have not visited the Daring Librarian’s site… it is most epic indeed and she also has an affinity for Legos. 😉

Curating and Creating with Care Lego Quotables

So… here they are…TechChef4u Lego Quotables

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.01.52 PM

Curating and Creating with Care Research and Resources

As many of these images are based on research I gleaned while preparing for the session, I have also created a Listly with all of the resources and research that I used.

Curating and Creating with Care TCEA 2015

And many thanks to my fellow iVenger Debbie Smith (@dsmitheisd) for snapping a pic of me during my session as I was delivering my flare for curation and custom creations!



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