23 Jul 2014
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Wicked Good Wednesday: Real-World PD that Actually Works!!!

At one point and time, we can all confess to delivering a one-size-fits-all or most app-roach to delivering content to adult learners. I have heard much talk about differentiation in staff development workshops and experienced the angst and eventual loss of patience and focus when a presenter tries to deliver the exact same content to a room full of educators that are clearly at very different levels and require very different tasks to meet their needs. While formative assessments and targeted surveys to staff can address some of this issue, I have yet to see very few actual examples of what this might look like in practice… until today!

Divine Differentiated PD Resources:

Fortunately, four lovely educators decided to step up to the plate and not only design resources that clearly plan for diversity in heterogeneous settings, but share the resources and their thought processes behind them:

Differentiated PD Resources: Real World Activities that Actually Work!!!

Divinely Personalized and Student-Directed PD Resources

Not only has Sabba Quidwai provided 12 interactive AppTRACKS and AppSTACLE courses (explore them below), she has provided a truly epic…

Learner-Centered PD Resources: Real World Augmented and Tiered Activities That Actually Work!!!

FREE interactive iBook to model redesigning learning including interactive resources and lectures ranging from note-taking and multimedia to screencasting and assessment.

Download the FREE iBook: "Redesiging Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century"
Download the FREE iBook: “Redesiging Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century”

Dig Deeper!

As I have devoted multiple hours to writing an article featuring the above resources in greater detail, I will let the article speak for itself.

Dive Right In!

I will, however, share the resources in one additional format for those that like to peruse in a more visual fashion

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