01 Oct 2013
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App Integration Snapshots

Marianna Husain (@mhusain), fellow iVenger and author of the Bobcat blog, had the idea to create easy to follow handouts for teachers on a weekly basis to support them with the multitude of apps available on the elementary devices (see full list of 150+ apps here). As there are 6 elementaries and 9-10 ed techs creating these resources on a rotating basis, I suggested a template to streamline the process and make them appear more uniform.

In reviewing the apps listed, I felt that they fell into 3 natural categories: tools, activities, and products:

While creating a template for each of the three categories, I decided to also complete each template for an app that fell in that category. Truly, my heart lies in curriculum and creating curricular and professional development resources for educators because I had a blast putting these together.

So without further ado…  3 App Integration Snapshots.

App Integration Snapshots
App Integration Snapshots (Download the 9 Page PDF)

More of these App Integration Snapshots (in all 3 of the categories) will be spotlighted on each of my fellow Eanes Ed Tech’s Blogs in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned…


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