04 Sep 2019
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Fake Instagram Template

It seems somewhat fitting that after my last posts on my 30 Day Social Media Detox that I would write about social media… well sort of. Also, most of my time that I do spend on social media… happens to be on Instagram @NoteChef4u so there’s that too.

As you know, I love to create digital and analog goodies. There are many for FREE available for download on the Creatively Productive companion site. At the beginning of school, one of my teachers asked me to help her with a fake Instagram template as a get to know you activity for students. She was building it in Google Docs. I knew the power, potential, and possibility of creating it in Keynote… so away I went.

Using the Template

For now I just have this in Keynote. If I get more interest, I will definitely create these for PPT too. They are meant to work as a template so each of the gray tiles, including the circular one for the profile pic, is a placeholder. When students import a photo (or a video) within the placeholder tile, it retains the frame. Additionally, I built the slide deck to mimic the functionality of Instagram and to also double as an actual presentation tool so each of the squares will link to a slide that allows you to add a description and/or #’s and then link back to original 9 tiles.

Two Templates for the Price of One

Okay… technically, these templates are FREE (and they will work on Macbook, iPad, or iPhone). I just wanted to make sure that you knew there were two different versions:

  • Generic: There is a generic one that is just 9 plain photo tiles.
  • Specific with Prompts: As this was originally a get to know you activity, I also created one with specific icons and text prompts (e.g. favorite quote or song, favorite weekend activity, what you had for breakfast, someone that inspires you, and what’s in your backpack?). Some of these are very specific types of things that people post on Instagram and others are more of getting to know you prompts. Please don’t discount the specific one though… as you can use it with World Languages or even for a literary or historical figure reimagining.

Extending the Use of the Template

Sure, you could still use this as a get to know you activity with staff and/or adult learners BUT there are so many more quick curricular possibilities. Certainly not an exhaustive list… just something to help you percolate. Here are just a few:

  • Science: Each of the 9 squares could represent an element or one row of 3 could be carnivores, one row herbivores, and one row omnivores.
  • Math: Each of the 9 squares could be a polygon, type of angle, word problem, etc…
  • English: One could create a fake Instagram for a character in a book. They could also depict a poem in 9 separate icons, or 9 different vocabulary words, or 9 different scenes in a book.
  • Social Studies: One idea might be to have them create a fake Instagram for a cause or a historical figure. They could also use it to depict 9 important events.
  • CTE: This would be a cool way to play around with creating a fake resume and talk about what images and content they share online and what they would highlight for a job.
  • World Language: My German and French teachers jumped at using the template as practice for basic vocabulary. They actually used the specific template versus the generic one. You could give students prompts for each of the 9 and even have them add a video to one or all of the tiles instead of a still image.
  • Fine Art: They could use it as a portfolio for their work or a project, to highlight multiple parts of the project/piece, or to showcase 9 artists that inspired them.

Again, certainly not an exhaustive list. I really wanted to get this blog post out to you and share the idea so you could explore this tool with your students further. If you end up using it with students, I would be ever so grateful to be tagged on Twitter or Facebook @TechChef4u or email me at techchef4u@gmail.com if you would like me to share student samples (with permission of course).

Freebies and Goodies Oh My!

Oh, OMT… The two templates and lots more digital downloads and goodies can be found in the Creatively Productive Digital Downloads Doc Locker. Just sign up using the form below and you will receive a link shortly with a secret link to the site and password to nab your freebies.

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