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16 Dec 2014
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Digesting Miami Device

It has taken me a while to digest all of the learning and experiences throughout my three days at Miami Device. It was a hearty medley of professional learning and networking sprinkled with a spice that only Miami and Felix Jacomino can add to the mix. I had been looking forward to the event like a delicious annual dessert for over a year and I can say with unabashed honesty… Miami Device did not disappoint! The food and ambience and attention to detail of the event was surreal… even down to the name badges…


Professional Development Delicacies

But what was really surprising to me during this epic assemblage of professional development delicacies… that not one… yes, not one session was mediocre or disappointing! I have to say that is somewhat of a rarity at other events. On Day 1, I had ample app-ortunity to sample a full platter of sessions. It was thoroughly refreshing to play the role of the learner and participant.

Comic Sans edit

Delectable Professional Development Recap

MD 2014 PD Recap

For all of you that could not attend this epic learning event… I hope I did the sessions justice with my interactive notes embedded below which includes:

  • 60+ Interviews and Videos
  • Thorough Archival of 30+ sessions from Tony Vincent
  • Recaps from Adam Jones and Jenny Ashby

… as well as my notes (using Evernote) from the keynote and each of the sessions I attended:

  • “Comic Sans Isn’t Professional” by Jeremy Macdonald
  • “Brining a New Dimension to Learning with Augmented Reality” by Brad Waid
  • “What’s New? What’s Hot? What’s Cool?” by Joan Gore and Janet Corder
  • “Student Digital Portfolios: Rethinking Assessment Using Google” by Holly Clark

Now I realize that savoring a delectable treat first hand and hearing about from a friend or seeing filtered pics of it on your favorite social media site isn’t quite the same… if nothing else perhaps I can whet your app-etite for Miami Device 2016 😉

And for your own personal enjoyment or perhaps my sense of whimsy, I thought you might enjoy playing “Where’s TechChef?” in each pic featured above? 😉

Keynote 2 edit

Kevin Honeycutt’s keynote was exceptionally super-charged. Don’t miss some of his epic quotes archived within my notes linked above. One of my favorites that I am truly trying to take to heart is…

Add a little bit of body text-5

I could spend another month ruminating over each morsel of learning and nifty nugget but at some point, sharing a mostly finished reflection is better than sharing none at all 😉

TechChef Presents…

As this post was devoted to TechChef as a learner, I want to take a moment to mention that I also presented 3 sessions and have posted the resources for each below:

As we app-roach the holiday season, remember learning never ends and your PLN is always a tweet away 😉

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Where Will TechChef Be Next?

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03 Apr 2012
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Mobile 2012

I am pleased to announce that “Appy Hours 4 U” has added a Mobile Learning Speaker Series. Over the next two weeks, Yolanda and I will be hosting Mobile Learning Experts and Mobile 2012 speakers.

If you are unable to attend Mobile 2012, we are hoping this will be the next best thing.

Below is a line-up of the first four speakers. The sessions will be LIVE on “Appy Hours 4 U“. During the LIVE show, the speakers will be available to answer questions through a Todays Meet room which will be posted during the live show. Shortly after the live show, the episode will be archived and available in “Appy Hours 4 U” iTunes.

Mobile 2012: April 11-3th in Phoenix, AZ


  1. Tony Vincent & Felix Jacomino: Listen LIVE Wednesday April 4th @ 3:30 pm CST!
    1. Tony Vincent (Twitter: @TonyVincent):
      1. Tony Vincent started teaching fifth grade fourteen years ago when it wasn’t so easy to publish online. Knowing that students were motivated to see their work on the Web, Tony first had students write their book reviews on Later, his students spent each school year adding to their classroom site, Planet 5th. They published writing, photos, journals, art, videos, and more.Planet 5th became so popular that it received thousands of hits from around the world. In 2001 his students began using Palm handhelds, and ever since Tony has been an advocate for mobile learning. He developed Radio WillowWeb in 2005, making it one of the first podcasts by students. Tony left classroom teaching to become a consultant in 2006. While he misses his former school, he’s had amazing experiences as a consultant. Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, Tony has worked with teachers and students from around the world.
      2. Tony is an Organizer for Mobile 2012 and will be presenting 3 sessions focusing on the topics of Project-Based Mobile Learning and Collaboration.
    2. Felix Jacomino (Twitter: @FelixJacomino):
      1. Felix Jacomino is the Director of Technology in a private, 1:1 iPad, school in Coconut Grove, FL. Felix has a great passion for teaching that authentically engages students. He graduated with a degree in Education and also studied computer networking and is a certified network engineer. The combination of his education background and technological skills has proven to be ideal in guiding his current school and technology integration team to be technological leaders in the South Florida community. Most common hashtags you will see Felix use are #edtech, #edchat, #mlearning, #ipad, #edapp, #pbl and, of course, #mobile2012!
      2. Felix’s Mobile 2012 sessions will include: 21st Century Learning & Tools in Primary Grades and Combining 21st Century Skills and Project-Based Learning.
  2. Diane Darrow (Twitter: @DianeDarrow): Listen LIVE Thursday April 5th @ 3:30 pm CST! 
    1. Diane Darrow is the Information Media Specialist at Bel Aire Elementary School in Tiburon, CA. She is constantly entertaining innovative ways the iPad can improve curriculum and instruction for schools. Her classroom instruction experiences include teaching at the preschool, elementary and University level. Her educational training is in Early Childhood Education, Montessori, Reading Recovery, Gifted and Talented Education, Fine Arts, and Online Teaching. In her spare time, she writes reviews for and occasionally contributes blogs about mobile technology for Edutopia. In 2011, she was named an Apple Distinguished Educator.
    2. Diane’s Mobile 2012 presentations will include: Inquiry-Based App Activities for Elementary, Literature Circle on the iPad, and Writing as Child’s Play. 
  3. Derek Keenan (Twitter:@MrKeeenan): Listen LIVE Monday April 9th @ 4:30 pm CST!
    1. Derek Keenan is a 21st century teacher, researcher, blogger and learner from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. He is a Technology Learning Lead in his school, bringing new and innovative ideas for learning into the classroom. He has taught with class sets of iPod Touches and iPads, and has seen some amazing developments in blending mobile learning with engaging student activities. His newest learning focus is the development and implementation of virtual learning environments and educational gaming, having received a technology grant to explore this emerging field. Derek is excited to bring even more experience and research in mobile learning back to Mobile after his appearance last year at this powerful event!
    2. Derek’s Mobile 2012 sessions will include: Creating and Sustaining Effective Leadership in Digital Learning, The Educational Implications of App Innovations, and The Paperless Classroom: Tools and Processes for True Digital Learning.


Stay tuned for updates to our Mobile Learning Speaker Series. Hoping to get 5-7 more added to the offerings.

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