14 Nov 2019
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Free Gratitude Trackers for Students

One of the things I find to be so valuable is reflection. More specifically, reflecting on what is important and what is meaningful and how that impacts my mood and my day.

If you have been following me lately, then you will know I have been on a bit of a tracker kick as my last blog posts have all been about tracking and included templates. You can find both of those linked below:

Chapter 4 of Creatively Productive is all about goal-setting and habit tracking and Chapter 5 is all about gratitude and reflective journaling. I have talked about my battle with anxiety and depression in other posts. What I haven’t talked about is how tracking, reflection, and gratitude are really helpful tools to have when navigating those circumstances.

Gratitude 411

Before I get too deep into gratitude trackers, I wanted to share a few articles and practices. If I were doing any activity like this with students and/or adult learners, the why is important. There is much research to support a positive correlation between gratitude and physical and mental health. This article, “14 Health Benefits of Practicing Gratitude”, would be a great place to start.

The gratitude trackers I share below are very much open-ended. If you would like to practice gratitude with your students, your faculty, or personally or professionally and you would like some more scaffolding, I am including a few additional resources:

  • How to Start a Gratitude Habit: This article gives some more examples for doing a 21 day challenge or even just building in the habit.
  • Tiny Prints Gratitude Challenge: Love! Love, Love this! It is a 21 day challenge but you could just select a week or a few of the prompts. Love that they split the prompts into sections “be grateful for what you have”, “be grateful for everything around you”, “be grateful for who you are”.
  • Weekly Reflection Questions: This is a template you can print and share/use or just borrow some of the inspiration from. (e.g. “What or who are you grateful for this week?, Who or what is keeping you motivated this week? What’s something positive from this week that you can bring into next week?”)
  • Doodle a Day Gratitude: The Doodle a Day activity is one that I share in Chapter 5 of Creatively Productive. I do this activity any time we have a long break (e.g. winter, spring, summer, etc…). It is a way for me to find and document something I am grateful for each day with a doodle. Here is an example of one I did this summer.

Activities like this could be easily incorporated into a reader’s/writer’s notebook or a unit on health.


One could track gratitude without tracking mood but I feel like these things are related so having the option to track both in tandem seems to be helpful. I should also mention that our mood typically fluctuates throughout the day so how we are feeling in the morning may not be reflective of how we are feeling later in the evening so that is why I included a space for am and pm.

For mood and gratitude tracking, I created 2 digital editable versions and 1 PDF version.

  • Numbers: The Numbers version is editable and designed for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. It is pretty simplistic in nature as I really wanted you and your students to have the opportunity to modify it as you see fit. It does include a drop down for mood that has text alongside emojis. As this tool is editable*, it is easy for students (or you) to modify the moods or add additional months.
  • Google Sheets: The Google Sheets version is editable* and almost identical to the Numbers version.
  • PDF: The PDF is intended to be printed and written in. As this one is a PDF, I don’t have the editable version. The PDF version is intended to be color coded (note the box of 5 squares that is intended to be a key at the bottom of the page) rather than tracked by emoji so one would choose a color to represent each mood and shade those in at the bottom and them track them accordingly throughout the month.

All 3 versions are available in the Creatively Productive Doc Locker (linked below) for FREE! 

* Editing. I wanted to make a quick note on editing the Numbers and Google Sheets versions. In Numbers, click on the cell and then Data Format. In Google Sheets, click on the cell and then Data Validation.


If you like the idea of trackers, more of these resources can be found in the Chapter 4 and 5 sections of the Creatively Productive companion site.

And I am also including a few completed examples of Mood and /or Gratitude trackers I gleaned from the Insta as I know completed examples are always helpful and because some use clever mood classifications.


And Don’t forget ALL 3 Mood and Health Trackers as well as lots more templates, digital downloads, goodies can be found in the Creatively Productive Digital Downloads Doc Locker. Just sign up using the form below and you will receive a link shortly with a secret link to the site and password to nab your freebies.

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