23 Jan 2013
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The Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child

I have to say I am just as overjoyed and proud to share Laura Wright’s student-created interactive iBook as I was a year ago when “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” was published. Her 3rd grade students have truly assembled a historical (and dare I say… adorable) publication to honor the heritage of the Eanes Pioneer Child.

The 49 page book includes 9 chapters with multiple sections in each:

  1. Chapter 1: Gone To Texas!
  2. Chapter 2: Pioneer Homes
  3. Chapter 3: Pioneer Food
  4. Chapter 4: Pioneer Chores
  5. Chapter 5: Pioneer Fun
  6. Chapter 6: Pioneer School
  7. Chapter 7: Pioneer Danger
  8. Chapter 8: Pioneer Hospitality
  9. Chapter 9: Giving Thanks

The book includes beautiful sepia filled photos taken at the Eanes History Center, Eanes Historical Cemetery, and the Eanes-Marshall Ranch House. Several apps aided the production of the book including Garage Band to compose their own pioneer music, Pages to aid in writing, and iMovie for video editing.

The Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child

The entire book was assembled using a MacBook Pro and iBook Author. Truly, swiping through the pages of this delightful book, you can tell much care was taken by the students to produce their best work in an authentic learning environment. Laura Wright even includes a “How’d They Do That?” section at the end of the book that further details the project.

The Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child

In her credits, she gave me a shout-out, but truly I want to thank her for inspiring us all and raising the bar on what students can create on the iPad and assembling such a authentic learning treasure and digital delight.


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