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25 Mar 2013
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Last night was a virtual reunion of sorts dating back to the anniversary of our first congregation – the Mobile Learning 2012 conference. Alison Anderson (@tedrosececi), Jon Samuelson (@ipadsammy), Eric Marcos (@mathtrain), and myself  joined up to be part of Techlandia’s Sweet 16th episode. Techlandia… you say? That sounds an awful lot like Portlandia. Well yes, the podcast did emerge from a trip to Portland and a friendship that began at Mobile Learning.

Jon and Alison co-host the Techlandia show and invited Eric and myself as guests. You can download the audio only version of last night’s show in iTunes or opt to enjoy all of our late night hijinks in the archived video stream below.

I actually want to take a few moments to discuss the power of Google Hangouts (which created the video stream above). Not only can you chat with multiple people at the same time from varying locations (skype on steroids), you can record the hangout and archive it to Youtube. I have found this tool handy on multiple occasions for my own workflow and collaboration. As Yolanda and I no longer work in the same district but occasionally still present together, we used Google Hangouts to collaborate on a Google Doc and chat virtually to check in on each other’s progress on a project.

Google Hangouts with @mrhooker

Carl Hooker (@mrhooker), my iVenger boss, actually used Google Hangouts to appear virtually to our HCMS iPad site visitors less than 12 hours after his daughter was born. Not only was he able to answer district level questions pertaining to our K-12 iPad Rollout, he actually used the screen-sharing feature in Google Hangouts to access and share his presentation and slides with the attendees. Nothing short of app-tastic!

Another article shared how classrooms are using this tool to have shared readings or events that span multiple campuses and districts. If you are interested in more info about Google Hangouts, check out 100 Best Google Hangouts tutorial videos and How to Play iTunes Audio During a Google Hangout. Did I mention you can even hangout directly from one of your iOS devices with the Google+ app.

If you are using Google Hangouts personally, professionally, or with your students, please chime in. Add your comments for how this tool can be used.


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Atlanta Area: If you are in the Atlanta area, I will be presenting at iPad Summit April 11th and 12th.

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07 May 2012
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iLearning is a Snap!

Recently, I delivered a workshop for a private school that had a 1:1 iPad initiative. They had requested tools that would support note-taking and assessment in the iClassroom. After exploring the many possibilities Quizlet had to offer, I framed the first half of the workshop around exploring a deck of cards created with Quizlet.

While Quizlet is a great tool to create vocabulary flashcards, its platform also provides a way for teachers to disseminate information that can be explored and devoured by students at their “leisure”. Rather than spending 30 minutes showcasing 15 FREE product-based apps, explaining what each app does, and highlighting its special features, I thought a better use of time would be to let the teachers explore the tools themselves.

In every workshop (as with every classroom), we have students at different levels and with different experiences. This process not only allowed teachers to explore and review the material at their own pace (and skip over information they were already familiar with), it modeled using a tool such as Quizlet to deliver “sage on the stage” info in a “guide on the side” format. Those students who were familiar with Quizlet and/or the apps took the time and initiative to explore Quizlet’s more advanced features.


The following week, I was in the process of revamping some of the modules for “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” and felt that Quizlet would be the perfect tool to convey the steps of Remembering and Explaining to support Bloom’s Taxonomy. As the tool itself is web-based, I wanted to showcase how it could be utilized to support learning, review, collaboration, and assessment on the iPad using my new favorite app…Snapguide. While the example deck itself utilizes unique kitchen vocabulary terms, I hope you can see what a valuable tool Quizlet truly is for the iClassroom and beyond.


How to Use Quizlet on the iPad

Though I had previously created a video highlighting the steps to import a Quizlet deck into the Flashcardlet (Flashcards*) app, I thought it might be quicker to view the step-by-step process in Snapguide:

  1. Blog and Video for importing Quizlet decks into Flashcards* app
  2. Snapguide for importing Quizlet decks into Flashcards* app

While Snapguide is primarily used to create step-by-step tutorials for DIY projects, crafts, and culinary delights, I find it a true gem for showcasing technology tools. Jon Samuelson of Eanes ISD has a similar idea as he uses the app with his 4th grade iClassroom:

  1. How to do Long Division
  2. How to Plot Points
  3. How to Be a Good Student
  4. How to Make a Tomato Garden
  5. How to Make a Box with Only One Piece of Paper
  6. How to Make Your Teacher Happy
  7. How to Write in Cursive
  8. How to Learn Lattice Multiplication


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