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08 Dec 2011
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Appy Holidays… from Kerrville ISD

So…I was assisting in cleaning the table off after dinner and what did my wondering eyes see… a Twitter notification pop-up on my iPhone 4S. Naturally, I could not resist the urge to peek at the content of the tweet.

The Appy Tweet


Joel Adkins… you had me at “appy hour“. Naturally, now I had to click on the link provided and peruse the holiday card filled with app-tastic content and holiday cheer. Tis the season for sharing…app recommendations with others. Thanks so much for this… I will be “stealing”… I mean “sharing” this wonderful idea at our next department meeting. Stay tuned for an NEISD Holiday App-Card.

Appy Holidays from Kerrville ISD


11 Oct 2011
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Spread the Appy News

After checking my inbox and discarding the Papa John’s online pizza deals & Kohls’ sales notifications, I was thrilled to come across this email (my notes/comments are in italics) and these appy resources:

“My friend Carl Hooker in Eanes ISD pointed me to your site. He says you are the originator of the Appy Hour concept (I would like to take full credit for this but a fellow ITS Susan Reeves originally used the name and I ran with it and started publishing my own menus and a blog talk radio show) and I applaud you for it. We had our first Appy Hour in Kerrville ISD last week with a small group meeting at Sonic for some outside warm weather with cold drinks (too fun… I can see a cherry limeade to be a nice pairing for Puppet Pals and iCardSort Lite). A great group of about 8 showed up and we shared apps we have been discovering and using. I’m the Tech Director in my district and I met a teacher who has been using an app with an autistic student and making tremendous progress. It is a Region 20 grant and she was really sharing about it. Anyway, I made this “menu” of our apps and shared it with my email group in district. I also pointed them to your site and your radio show and your Twitter. We are going to try to do 2 Appy Hours each semester (would love to sit in one of these – can you stream or record one of these?). People really like the idea! Our App Menu:”


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