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30 Dec 2011
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Making Mathematics App-tastic – Part 2: Episode 15

This is a supplement to “Appy Hours 4 You” Blog Talk Radio Show: Episode 15 – “Making Mathematics App-tastic: Part 2. In this follow-up episode we featured 15 free mathematics game-like apps that focused on basic math, ordering numbers, proportions, FDP conversions, and equations for both elementary and secondary. For each app we shared a brief description and then ways the app could be used in the classroom (e.g. stations, assessment, remediation). Check out our first segment of “Making Mathematics App-tastic“.

This week we discussed the following free apps:

  1. Computer Carl
  2. Math Kid
  3. Dinosaurs Kids Math HD Free Lite
  4. Math Edge HD Lite: Multiplication, Addition, Division
  5. Motion Math Zoom
  6. Splash Math: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade
  7. Pearl Diver
  8. Number Line
  9. Check Please Lite
  10. MarkUp Markdown
  11. PercentDiff
  12. Factor Race
  13. Algebra Champ
  14. Slice it! Begins


Stream this week’s episode or download it in iTunes directly.

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14 Nov 2011
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iModel iPad Lessons with Number Line

In building the “iTools for the 1 iDevice Classroom” workshop, we felt there was a great need for modeling how various game-like apps can be utilized in multiple settings (e.g. cooperative pairs, small groups, stations, whole class). We also felt very strongly that it wasn’t enough to just talk about classroom and curricular uses but to truly model and discuss how task cards and recording sheets would be used and what follow-up and extension activities would look like.

iModel with Explain Everything: I have used Explain Everything to model how an iLesson could be delivered using the resources that have been provided within the Number Line apptivity. (Check out KSAT’s iPAd Curriculum site for Number Line lesson and score sheet).

iNewsletters & Extensions: Consider sending home an iNewsletter for Parents so any student with access to an iPod or iPhone at home could utilize the apps at home for remediation or extension. ShowMe and ScreenChomp would be great iPad apps to use to have students create their own word problem or iLesson on fraction, decimal, percent conversion. If students didn’t have access to an iPad, consider using the video recorder to record themselves working out a problem or modeling a unique approach to conversion.

iNewsletters 4 Parents


Hungry for more? Check out NEISD’s “iTools 4 the 1 iDevice Classroom” SlideShare workshop as well as HOT Apps 4 Literacy (includes task cards and recording sheet for ELA game-like apps).

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