11 Dec 2014
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Visual Portfolios: The Blending of Analog and Digital

As I mentioned in my most recent post, The Role of an Ed Tech within the Project Planning Cycle of a 1:1 iPad Classroom, my job entails working with students just as much as teachers. A few months ago I was asked to speak to the Senior Mentorship classes about online resumes, portfolios, social media, and digital footprints. A collection of the resources I shared is available here. Each year students in these classes present a final presentation summarizing their experience throughout the semester of their professional mentorship. In addition to showcasing the resources mentioned above, I highlighted the tool bulb as a way for students to create an online visual portfolio of their work and final products.

One student, Yasmeen Tizani, gravitated to bulb and created an exceptional portfolio of her work. Her bulb includes three collections: ArtArchitecture Mentorship, and Architecture at UT.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.33.02 AM

I have to say it has been such an amazing experience working with Yasmeen this semester. She would pop in a few times to get my feedback on the layout and any ideas for improvement of the content.

Polishing the Portfolio

Two changes that she made based on our discussions were art work descriptions and the use of Canva to create a few of the tiled images:

  • Art Work Reflections: We discussed adding blurbs on each art piece that highlighted both the inspiration for the work as well as the process and media used to create it. 
  • Canva Creations to Customize Tiles: Rather than uploading a photo or using the default image associated with the page’s tile, Yasmeen used Canva to expertly spruce up a few of her page icons.

Hybrid Portfolio

The best part of this bulb is the hybrid approach that Yasmeen took. She created a mentorship portfolio that combined a unique blend of analog and digital work from scanned log sheets and journal entries, photographs of hand-drawn sketchbooks, to images of SketchUp designs and photographs of the final product.


Personalizing Visual Archival

Yasmeen even included a collection of her work from the UT Architecture Program. The collection seamlessly blends photos from her presentations as well as the evolution of her final product through multiple iterations. One of the most powerful pieces of the portfolio is showcasing Yasmeen in action – I think it brings a personal touch to the portfolio that stand-alone photos of products alone could not.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.34.23 AM

Transferring Portfolios

One of my biggest pet peeves with ePortfolios is that many students create something within the four walls of their K-12 education and then the portfolio is not transferable to the student when they leave. I advised our seniors to create their bulb accounts with their personal gmail account so that they could continue to grow and evolve with their work after they left our institution.

Many thanks to Yasmeen for letting me share her work. I hope it serves as an exemplary model to inspire you and your students to reflect, create, and publish.


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