16 Apr 2012
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Frog Blog: The Rat App

I had come across these apps (Frog Dissection and Rat Dissection) a few months ago but hadn’t had a chance to truly explore either one. Fortunately, Punflay contacted me and graciously sent me a few promo codes to share and utilize.

Both apps take me back to a cat dissection I completed in my high school Anatomy and Physiology class. I vividly remember the sound of breaking ribs and the smell of formaldehyde (I will spare you the pics). Flash-forward a decade or so and I fondly remember Frog Dissection Day in middle school when my students would come to my math classrroom and share all of the cool half-dissected insect bits they found inside of the frog’s stomach and intestines. Naturally, most educators would just assume these apps are a humane and cost-effective way to replace a time-honored experience…

… I would suggest that they provide a gateway to educational exploratory opportunities for young minds never before available!

Growing up the daughter of a respiratory therapist, I had odd experiences such as playing with lungs, receiving impromptu CPR classes, and having my dad pick me up from school as Super Lung. Sadly, I did not inherit the science gene. I can diagram sentences, teach critical reading skills, recite the prologue to Romeo & Juliet from memory, and solve a polynomial, but can’t satisfactorily explain the body systems or digestion to a preschooler.

I am hesitant to admit that my four year old son has learned more about his 206 bones from his Stretch & Grow class. That being said, while I may not be able to meet his ever-growing interest in the human body and science, the iPad can… My four year old son is now obsessed with the rat dissection app.

Yes, I can proudly admit…that my 4 year old son can not only dissect a rat  but also identify all of the internal body parts as well. The iPad and Punflay had provided this unparalleled app-ortunity for discovery learning.

Rat Dissection App

Please don’t take my word for it…

“I am an Instructional Technology Specialist for the secondary level with a science background. I was introduced to Rat Dissection, an iPad app, by another colleague. My 5 year old preschooler, who monopolizes the iPad most of the time, found the “Rat app”, as she calls it. She was mesmerized by the app and spent a long while on it. I had never really thought of introducing her to dissection and the anatomy/physiology involved. I assumed that the terminology and the concepts would be far too advanced. But the app proved me wrong! With it’s ease of use, images, audio instructions, and audio descriptions, she has asked many great science minded questions and is able to relate the rat body to her own. In my opinion this app can be used at any level.”

Check out Mr. Keenan’s review and insight on Punflay Dissection apps.

This blog is dedicated to my father who instilled the love of inquiry learning in his daughter’s heart and mind. Love you dad!


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