31 Mar 2012
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Doodle Zoo

After meeting with the 5th Math Specialist to collaborate and plan, I feel like we have a really good plan for next week’s 5th Math training. The intent was to provide technology tools for teachers that would not serve as “one hit wonders.” Rather, we wanted to provide teachers with a Bag of iTricks that could be used to support multiple mathematics skills… and other content areas. The iLesson below not only reduces paper waste but provides a viable alternative to a pencil and paper task.

The original task included an herb garden plot, I simply took the same numbers and modified it to work with the stamps and images available in Doodle Buddy for iPad.

The iLesson video below was created with Reflections web app that allows screen mirroring of your iPad.

Student Task: Create a square model that represents the 4 divisions of a children’s zoo. Divide and label the square plot to reflect the following:

  1. 50% Carnivores
  2. 25% Herbivores
  3. 15% Amphibians
  4. 10% Aviary

Here are the steps in Doodle Buddy:

  1. Choose a background if appropriate (from the tic-tac-toe icon).
  2. Use the shape stencil to create a square.
    1. Leave some work space on the right or left of your square.
  3. Fill in the square with the color of your choice.
  4. Draw a line to represent 50%.
  5. Add a stamp to represent that division (e.g. lion represents carnivores).
    1. If the stamps featured are not available, check the shopping bag icon to purchase them with Doodle Bucks. You should be give enough default bucks to “purchase” a couple of stamp packs.
  6. Add a text box to represent 50%.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for the rest of the sections.
  8. Use a combination of the drawing and text tools to answer the following problem
    1. If the Amphibians are allocated 75 square feet of space, how many square feet are in the entire children’s zoo?
  9. Save a copy of your project to the photo album via the wrench icon.
  10. Send the image via email to your teacher via the wrench icon.
  11.  Include your explanation for the question in #8 in the body of the email.
Doodle Zoo Final Product using Doodle Buddy

Possible Extensions:

  1. Have students complete the square feet for the rest of sections in the children’s zoo.
  2. Have students create their own problem with their own percentages and have their partner solve it. Doodle Buddy contains stamp packs that would lend themselves to:
    1. Animals in an Aquarium
    2. Animals in a Petting Zoo or Farm
    3. Food on a Lunch Tray
    4. Cars in a Parking Lot
  3. Import the image into ScreenChomp and complete the problem solving and explanation with audio.
Other iLessons Utilizing Doodle Buddy:

Doodle Buddy was also featured in “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” iBook to support Bloom’s taxonomy in the iClassroom.


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