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06 Sep 2017
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iPadpalooza OU Recap

I am going to take a semi-pause on my ScrapNotes series (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are linked here) to share with you the awesome learning I encountered at iPadpalooza OU. This is the only iPadpalooza that I know of that is held on a college campus and that also caters to preservice teachers and K-12 teachers alike. In fact, Day 1 was all preservice teachers and Day 2 was a smattering of preservice teachers and an awesome K-12 inservice bunch. When I attend events like this, my intent is to learn and return back with new knowledge and tools so I am going to cut directly to the chase and highlight a few of my favorite sessions and tools!

SaveSaveGetting’ Bitmoji Wit It: Lara Searcy and Josh Flores

I will be honest I haven’t climbed full force on to the Bitmoji Bandwagon but this session did inch me closer. What I loved about this session is that both of the presenters were dynamic and they really knew their content. You absolutely have to check out their hyperdoc’d agenda and the way they use Bitmoji in rubrics (which is embedded within their slide deck). All of the resources for the session are linked here or embedded within the graphic below.

Walk this Way to Master an Easy Drag and Drop Website Creator: Monica Burns

Even though I have had experience with Adobe Spark Pages, I still learned new things from this session. My favorite gem was the 4 Spark Video graphic organizers that Monica offers on her site. And dude… I had no idea she had just published her fourth book. Wow! All of the session resources are linked here and embedded within the graphic below.

Born to Draw: Reshan Richards

I have been a long time Reshan Richards fan for years. If you remember, Yolanda and I had him on our now archived podcast series, “Appy Hours 4 U” back in 2012.  But I digress… so Reshan delivered a masterful session on the simplicity of drawing. I love how he scaffolded it through 3 activities. All of the activities and descriptions are linked here and embedded below in the interactive graphic.

How Do You Explain Your Job to Other People: Josh Flores

As if the first time with Josh Flores wasn’t amazing enough, he returned again with a most epic keynote. Honestly, this would rank up there with some of my all time favorites Adam Bellow, George Couros, and Dean Shareski. He started by asking all of us how we explain our jobs to others. And then referenced how the world sees us with a simple google search for the word “teacher” which brings up chalk and chalk boards. He likened us more to superhero profiles in a video game and showcased our stats. He even took a jaunt down Hollywood Boulevard to highlight what characteristics Hollywood deems positive and negative in teaching. I have to say the exercise of, “Badly Explain(ing) Your Profession” was the most entertaining for me by far. My interactive notes are linked here and embedded below. I left happy and energized and that is the mark of a most excellent keynote.


Into the Notebook session at iPadpalooza OU

TechChef’s Concoctions

I also delivered two sessions both days. All of the session resources are in Participate.

I guess if you have read this post then you will also have noticed that their was a rock band sort of theme to all of the sessions and all of mine were named after Blue October songs. 😉

I should also mention that if you are interested in seeing more examples of these interactive notes that I take… I have 35+ of them pinned here. If you are intrigued with the process, I have a blog post on that here.

And one more thing. You might have noticed that I included a UT Longhorn baseball cap in my blog header image… that was simply to balance out all of the crimson OU and broken and upside down longhorns I saw when I stayed at the Sooner Legends hotel. 😉


If you are interested in booking Lisa Johnson and/or would like to know more about her speaking history or professional development portfolio… visit the TechChef4u speaking page for more info or email

And… Check out her latest creation… the book “Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students.”


24 Jul 2013
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Do More of What Makes You #Awesomesauce

While it is easy to become discouraged with your own resources and talents when you assemble roughly 400 hand selected Apple Distinguished Educators in one place, it is important to remember this… what you do matters… It matters to your students, to fellow educators, and to the greater good.

Created with Recite This.Com

Created with Recite This.Com

I truly wrestled and struggled with this post for almost a week. How does one share and reflect on the week at the institute while at the same time staying true to the purpose and vision of of their blog… which is ultimately a platform to share creativity and technology resources with personality and posh that can easily be digested and replicated. (yes, I realize that was a bit of a mouthful… and a run-on sentence).

I think Reshan Richards was on the right track when he said, “I don’t think I can articulate it in a way that people who weren’t there would understand”. Thus I would rather share the essence of the week which I believe can be summed up with this iTunes U course developed by five Apple Distinguished Educators (Christine DiPaulo, Brandon Kari, Jason Kathman, Ben Mountz, and John Waldie).

The incredibly thorough and thought-provoking course is intended for grades 9-20. The teacher’s notes say it best, “the true challenge is to introduce the unit and get out of the way to allow students to arrive at their own conclusions, ask reflective questions” and ultimately create their own story. The 18 week course includes:

  • articles on writing and establishing a personal brand statement
  • artistic ventures in designing your own logo
  • photography assignments on personal artifacts
  • thoughtful detail to resume and presentation design
  • research on the etymology of your name
  • online publishing (e.g. Linkedin, About.Me) and connecting with social media

iAm: A Brand Called Me - iTunes U course

While the course itself is developed for grades 9-20, anyone can benefit from a metacognitive journey to discover their own professional brand. My dear friend, Rafranz Davis, mentioned she struggled with defining herself and was thrilled to embark on her own journey to be the CEO of Me.

Knowing who you are and what you bring to the table is empowering. – Rafranz Davis

Follow @RafranzDavis

I think the take-away here, is that everyone has a unique personality and perspective… and deserves a voice. Fortunate to be selected and blessed to meet all of the amazing and distinguished educators along the week, I will leave you with a little ed tech fortune cookie.

Discover what drives your passion and makes you awesome and then share it with the world… because your message and voice matters!

Created with Recite This.Com

Created with Recite This.Com

Interested in becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2015? This video speaks to the heart of the mission.


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