25 Feb 2014
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Blending Relatable Resume Resources 4 Students

At the request of a student that was looking for resume templates, I began assembling some relatable and relevant resources. After some research, I found there are two conflicting (or colliding) schools of thought on what these resources should look like and contain: the standard resume versus the creative resume.

Standard Resumes: According to About.com and a study by The Creative Group:

“70% (of employers) preferred traditional resumes (PDF/Word) even for creative jobs. Only 20% were interested in infographics, and fewer preferred a social or online profile (4%) or a video resume (2%).” – About.com

Creative Biographical Resumes: That being said, Michael Margolis argues that your personal story really matters and employers google your talents and biography rather than rely solely on a static resume of credentials:

“Everybody has some credential or another, the way you distinguish and differentiate yourself is with your personal story.” – Michael Margolis

Part of this personal story is told through your social profile pages on sites like Linked.in and About.me.

I think a marriage of both the biography and creative visual resume elements blended with a traditional resume is a great way to establish relevance and quality in the eye of a possible future employer.

Blended Resume Resources Smore: Thus, I decided to concoct a Smore which combines resources and examples to support a blend of both schools of thought. The following Blended Resume Smore includes:

  • Skills Employers Want
  • Tips for Writing Great Resumes
  • Tools/Apps for Building a Basic Resume
  • How to Craft An About Me Page
  • Creative Resume Examples (including Augmented, Video, and Slideshare)
  • Tools for Building Profiles and Portfolios
  • Visual Resume Examples
  • Tools to Create Visual Resumes
  • And Much, Much, MORE!!!

Truly there is no one-size-fits all resume or template. That being said, I hope some of these resources and examples resonate with relevant and relatable ideas that will allow you to equip students with the story and skills to be successful in what lies beyond K-12 and college.

Fictional and Historical Character Resumes… Making Resumes Relevant! But wait… there’s more. Consider taking the above resources and adapting them to a language arts assignment. Rather than composing writing a biography, have students create a standard or even a creative resume. Would William Shakespeare have gotten the job? (more support resources HERE.)

William Shakespeare's Resume on Resume.Com
William Shakespeare’s Resume on Resume.Com

What social media would Shakespeare connect with? Would he Follow TechChef4u on Twitter?

TechChef4u wants to hear from you! If you have ideas, examples, or resources on the Visual/Biographical Resume front or the Fictional/Historical Character Resume Analysis assignment, we would love to hear from you – please post these in the comments section of the Smore.

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