04 Feb 2014
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S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR: Toolkit for Educators to Transform Instruction

TCEA is upon us and clearly SAMR is a hot topic. I had the pleasure to meet the father of the SAMR model (check out recaps of his sessions HERE), Dr. Ruben Puentedura ***, last year at iPad Summit and have spent the past few months digesting, research, and curating SAMR resources for teachers. (Don’t Miss “Groovy Graphics in the iClassroom”!)

Met Dr, Ruben with Fellow ADE's: Michelle Cordy, Lisa Johnson, Dr. Ruben, and Courtney Pepe
Met Dr, Ruben with Fellow ADE’s: Michelle Cordy, Lisa Johnson, Dr. Ruben, and Courtney Pepe

In order to provide teachers with an easy to follow framework to digest and apply the model to their own practices and instruction, I decided to create my own acronym, S.A.S.S.Y. based on an adaptation of Dr. Ruben’s app classification… the Ed Tech Quintet:

  • S: STUDENTS and Storytelling
  • A: Awesome ASSESSMENT (Teacher-Driven and Student-Driven)
  • S: SOCIAL (Voice and Collaboration)
  • S: SEEK: Research and Visualization (Finding it, Citing it, and Displaying it)
  • Y: YOU: Think about Your Own Thinking…

Once the acronym was in place, I built an infographic and then thing linked app-tivities and instructional resources on top of it.

Many times teachers see different apps placed at different levels of the SAMR spectrum and assume that an app can only work at one level or just because they use an app that their instruction is automatically at the augmentation or redefinition level.

“Truly, this is not the case… it is HOW students use the app that either enhances or transforms learning, not the app itself.” – Lisa Johnson

To this end the infographic includes 5 pieces of support materials:

  • Quizlet decks: with SAMR ladders/flows using the same app so teachers and educators get a better feel for what that might look like in a classroom.
  • Haiku Deck: to provide additional frame of reference and background knowledge for SAMR.
  • 4 Questions: to extend beyond enhancement… is your lesson transformative?
  • Google Presentation: where teachers can build and share their own SAMR flows once they feel comfortable.
  • Additional Support Resources: which include direct links to Dr. Ruben’s site, video, and presentations as well as 60+ SAMR examples and instructional resources.

The 4 Questions are in no way comprehensive but are designed to provide additional clarification when deciding if technology integration is an enhancement or truly is transformative:

  1. Does the technology/tool allow for collaboration (e.g. within a school, district, state, nation, globe, experts, PLN)?
  2. Does the technology/tool allow for feedback and formative assessment?
  3. Does the technology/tool allow for publishing to an authentic audience and archival?
  4. Is the technology/tool student-driven?

I have to say I am super stoked to debut S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR to the greater educational blogosphere and hope that it will be a useful resource for those that are trying to navigate through and digest the framework. Please feel FREE to add your own SAMR flows and ideas to the Google Presentation: “SAMR: Real World Ideas from Real World Teachers”.

*** In true SAMR fashion, I emailed my resources to Dr. Ruben himself. Entirely unsure if I would receive a response, I was overwhelmed with delight when I not only received an email response but actual feedback and clarification on the SAMR ladders I have provided within the session. To ensure quality and authentic alignment to the model, I revised a few of the ladders – what you see now is Dr. Ruben app-roved. 😉 ***

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