18 Feb 2013
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Nothing But Nearpod

FETC: Met up with CEO of Nearpod

Clearly, we use other apps… but I did need a clever alliteration for this evening’s blog title. A few weeks ago, I attended FETC and got to meet the CEO of Nearpod. He had asked me for a wee sound byte and I obliged by sharing a few ways our iClassrooms are using Nearpod.

For more on Mathy Cathy and Nearpod, check out:

Math isn’t the only content area or audience taking a liking to the app. Recently, Tanna Fiske’s 8th grade students prepared lessons for their 5th grade elementary counterparts using Nearpod as the vehicle for instruction. Read more about this vertically aligned effort here. The video below also does an excellent job of showcasing the student led event.

If you are interested in seeing these iClassrooms in action, consider a site visit to the HCMS campus.


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