23 Oct 2019
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FREE Mood & Health Trackers for Students

One of my favorite things is to create and curate content for others. In fact, that is one of the major reasons that I created TechChef4u almost a decade ago. For some reason it makes me think of my mom… she loves to bake for others and gets enjoyment out of knowing that they relished their goodies. I feel the same way. I love to create content that others can use with their students or even personally or professionally.

I have been on a bit of a tracker kick and so it just makes sense to continue with that trend. Chapter 4 of Creatively Productive is all about goal-setting and habit tracking. Last semester, I worked with our campus Challenge Success team which was made up of admin, curriculum specialists, counselors, teachers, and students to highlight how mood can be improved by things like sleep, drinking water, exercise, spending time outside, and even listening to music.


This type of tracking is a great activity for a science or health classroom but could also be an awesome activity to weave into a writer’s notebook as they could track how they feel and their thoughts, feelings, and reflections to each day’s activities and how they may or may not correspond to their mood. I have always heard that we are poor historians of our past so tracking things like this and being mindful is such a great reflective activity to really pay attention to how certain activities may impact mood and just being aware of your moods throughout the day and even the week… possibly even noticing trends or correlations.

To promote each day’s focus, we created an activity to anchor it:

  1. Monday: Power Naps in the Principal’s conference room. We dragged a bunch of beanbags and brought in some scented oil and calm music. I didn’t have anyone show up… so we will have to rethink this one. It would be cool to get a bunch of hammocks but not sure on the feasibility or safety issues involved with that. I would advocate that you have a quiet study room available on campus somewhere that students could utilize throughout the day though.
  2. Tuesday: Drink More Water stickers. Now this one was fun. I had the awesome Fred Benitez, fellow Ed Tech and Freelance Graphic Designer, create a logo and then I used Sticker Mule to print a bunch of stickers that came on rolls (see pic below). We divided up the stickers and gave them to student helpers and they handed them out to anyone they saw filling up their refillable water bottles at the water fountains. (Use this link and get a FREE $10 sticker credit at Sticker Mule). BTW – I should also mention that Fred’s sad food work is kind of adorable and amazing!
  3. Wednesday: Hula Hoops and Yoga. This one was fun too. We had someone certified to teach yoga volunteer in the library during lunch and then we had hula hoops in the courtyard. I will say once you get a few students using these and laughing, many more will come.
  4. Thursday: Live Bands. This one unfortunately got rained out but we have done these before and the students really like it. Typically, you can always find a student led band that would like to play. You could also just play music during lunch.
  5. Friday: Sunlight and Popsicles. This was by far the most successful. It also turned out that at the same time we scheduled this, theater had bubble machines, music, and chalk in the commons. Seriously, kids loved going outside and were delighted to get free popsicles. Only thing to remember is that these popsicles take FOREVER to fully freeze so freeze them a week in advance and don’t stack boxes on top of each other in the cafeteria’s walk-in freezer. We learned that the hard way.


One could totally do this activity without the trackers. I think it is more meaningful to use the trackers alongside the activities so students can see if there any correlations and really to just encourage mindfulness of the activities we build into our day (e.g. going outside, listening to music, exercise) and the biological imperatives (drinking enough water and getting enough sleep).

For this activity, I created 2 digital editable versions and 1 PDF version.

  • Numbers: The Numbers version is editable and designed for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. It includes a drop down for mood, a stepper for sleep, a slider for water and exercise, and a pop up menu for music and time outside. As this tool is editable*, it is easy for students (or you) to add or delete columns or change intervals/increments. One column that might be interesting to track could be free time or even pleasure reading.
  • Google Sheets: The Google Sheets version is editable* and almost identical to the Numbers version with the exception that the sleep, water, and exercise are fill in the blank and the listen to music and time outside are check boxes. One unique feature of the Google Sheets version is that I played with conditional formatting so the sleep, water, and exercise cells will change to green, red, or yellow based on the number that one inputs. I based these on national averages but obviously as it is editable, feel free to make changes accordingly.
  • PDF: The PDF is intended to be printed and written in. As this one is a PDF, I don’t have the editable version. As it is so similar to the Numbers and Google Sheets version, you could just edit by removing the data formatting and print those out as a PDF and achieve a similar result.

All 3 versions are available in the Creatively Productive Doc Locker (linked below) for FREE! 

* Editing. I wanted to make a quick note on editing the Numbers and Google Sheets versions. In Numbers, click on the cell and then Data Format. In Google Sheets, click on the cell and then Data Validation. Also, if you are planning on changing the conditional formatting in Google Sheets, right click on the cell and then Conditional Formatting.

If you like the idea of trackers, more of these resources can be found in the Chapter 4 section of the Creatively Productive companion site.


As you know, I love working with students. Over the years, I have offered a variety of sessions, activities, and experiences. Here are a few more blog posts that detail some of these:


And Don’t forget ALL 3 Mood and Health Trackers as well as lots more templates, digital downloads, goodies can be found in the Creatively Productive Digital Downloads Doc Locker. Just sign up using the form below and you will receive a link shortly with a secret link to the site and password to nab your freebies.

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